Saturday, August 10, 2013

Vigan's Cafe Leona, Must Experience!

Vigan, a city of cobblestone, old houses, delicious empanadas, garlicky longganisas, crunchy bagnets, and many more - things that I will never get tired experiencing in this humble and peaceful place. And as I rediscover this humble town up north, Cafe Leon served as our relief and dining room away from home ready to fill one's tummy with the irresistible Ilocano dishes that are truly world-class.

Taking its name from the famous Ilocana poet, satirist and playwright, Leona FLorentino, Cafe Leona is located right at the very heart of the city offering all the famous Ilocano dishes that you could think off, as well as some unique international cuisine fusion, to all tourists spending time taking a walk back to the past. 

From morning til late at night, after the enjoyable their stroll along the famous Calle Crisologo, one can find relief through the delicious Filipino food offerings here at Cafe Leona.

And I, together with some friends, who took time off from work and appreciate the beauty of the Philippines from the far north, spent some quality dinner time here in Cafe Leona after our long and enjoyable walk at the historic Calle Crisologo.

One thing that's truly lovely about this street, may it be day or night time, is it's breathtaking and relaxing vibe that are at its best no matter when. And seeing how these beautiful old houses aligned neatly beside the well-kept cobblestone street that add that distinct appeal, oh, Vigan City is indeed a must-see and experience place in the whole world.

And as we go on to our experience here in Cafe Leona, if you think that dining here in the daytime is already fun, wait till you see it at night. Because during the nights, people often see in this area enjoying the great ambiance, the friendly service and delectable dishes not inside the cafe but outside, along the street.

Most of their guests prefer dining outside, which I find really cool, because with the beautiful night view and festive atmosphere in Calle Crisologo, who wouldn't enjoy eating there, right? But for our group, since most of us want to experience the unique interior of the restaurant, which kinda resembles to some European restaurant, we opted to stay inside and settle in a nice corner spot perfect to give us the much-awaited Cafe Leona dining experience.

The menu is consisted of wide array of dishes that include not only our favorite Ilocano dishes but also some Japanese dishes infused with Ilocano flavor. The time we got there, Cafe Leona is already busy dealing with their guests who opted to dine in their al fresco, and since we really don't want to wait that long for our food to arrive, the groups decided to just order dishes that can come in quick, hence here are most of the grilled dishes that you can have here in Cafe Leona. Hahaha!

Grilled Eggplant with Onions and Tomatoes

Grilled Squid

Grilled Liempo

But of course, we didn't spend our night here devouring  these nicely charred dishes only. Since we are all tired too and the best dish to sooth this feeling is by having some hot soup, we all agreed to have this Ilocano Sinigang along with some Onion Rings for some more comfort food and the finally the Bagnet, which is very, very delicious and crunchy - totally the love!

Ilocano Sinigang

Onion Rings

Bagnet with Tomato Salsa

I would actually prefer having more Ilocano food from this place for I know that they offer much more delicious dishes than these, but I guess we can't really have it all. That's why as of this moment, I am declaring that I will go back to Vigan just to have a food trip all over the town - and that includes Cafe Leona again.

Vigan wouldn't be complete with out it! And bet, there'll more of these delicious food when I go back! Thank you, Cafe Leona!

Happy eating!

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