Friday, May 16, 2014

Malbec World Day 2014

It may not be the biggest wine event in the world now, but soon, I'm pretty sure that Malbec World Day will conquer the world and make a noise that deserves to receive some attention and respect.

Last April 24, I spent a night enjoying and discovering Argentina, specifically it's region Mendoza, through a showcase of Argentine wines popularly known as Malbec. Hosted by the Argentine Embassy in the Philippines, Malbec World Day 2014 in Manila took place at the Top of Citi in Makati City.

A number of wine enthusiasts and sommeliers filled the venue along with the stalls of wine cellars from Metro Manila that offers the best of Argentina, when it comes to wines. If I'm not mistaken there were about 10-20 stalls that night that shared the best of Argentine wine - including sparkling, white and red.

The night wasn't that fancy, but you can feel the glam of the night and the excitement among the guests. There were stalls inside the venue, and there were some outside the smoking area. Since I arrived early, I had a great time asking every stall about their offering and asking organizers about this Malbec World Day.

I won't deny the fact that the only thing I know about Argentina is their corned beef - which I believe didn't really come from them. Hahaha! Oh, and Evita Peron too! Ha! Hahahaha!

Going back, Malbec World Day is celebrated all over the world every 17th of April. But since April 17 falls on Maundy Thursday this year, its Manila celebration was moved to a latter date. But nothing to worry, Argentine Embassy in the Philippines, through Wines of Argentina, made the celebration simply irresistible. So, yeah, it was like Mardi Gras again. Hehe. 

Did you know that Malbec grapes are red grapes originally from France? Its was the French that brought these fruits to Argentina and made it grow on the mountainous areas of the country, where the cold weather made the fruit perfect for wine making. The provinces of Mendoza, San Juan and La Rioja are some of the place that top the list of wine-producing provinces in Argentina.

In one of my interview that night, I was told that Argentina is actually the fifth largest producers of wine in the world. Not only that, their wines are considered the most affordable but really good in quality and all.

On my round that night, I noticed a common flavor and aroma among their red wines. The taste was a bit strong but you can feel that certain uniqueness that you wouldn't find in other red wines in the world. The prices were incredibly affordable, which for as low as Php300-400, you can already have a decent Argentinian red wine.

But despite of that, the thing that I really enjoyed having that night from the loads of Argentine wine selections are their white wines. The taste was so excellent that made me taste almost all of them. Hahaha!

So, if you are like me who prefers having a glass of red before hitting the sack or someone who prefers having a wine before a meal, why not try a different kind today or tonight? Malbec are know taking the Philippine wine market by a storm, so don't be left behind! Drink up!

Happy Malbec World Day too all! Cheers!

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