Thursday, December 29, 2011

Boracay: Aria Gelato Italian Ice Cream

I know that one of the greatest reasons why we keep visiting Boracay, world’s top 4 destinations, is because we wanna experience the heat of the sun in a very good and enjoyable way. But did you know that enjoying the sun in a very “cool” way is so easy to do too here? And it comes with the word “delicious” too! Two words, Aria Gelato.

When I got to visit Boracay, I didn’t have the most ideal weather back then. There were a lot of times that it was cloudy, and there were those that the sun is shining the brightest. And during those times that the sun is shining the brightest, I took the opportunity to have a delectable and heat-beating gelato that you could find on the island.

Gelato has been a household name for years now, and in Boracay, you can have some by juts visiting the mini spot of Aria, which is located at the D Mall, Station 2.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boracay: Real Coffee & Tea Café – A Real Goodness

Wanna know why Boracay ranked 4th on the list of the Must-Visit Places here in the world? Well, that is because aside from its must-experience white sand that is said to be the finest in the whole world, Boracay is also a hotspot for delectable food-finds that one shouldn’t miss. And here on this blog, I’ll let you know one must-taste food in Boracay that will make you fall in love with the island more – The Real Coffee & Tea Cafe.

Famous for its pristine white sand and abundant sea creatures, Boracay has been one of the tourists’ favourite places for relaxation and dining. But did you know that aside from those mouthwatering seafood that you can have here, Boracay is also a haven for this delectable and oh-so-fluffy muffin that is available only here. And guess what, its flavour? Calamansi!

Here in Real Coffee & Tea Cafe, which is located at Station 1 near Yellow Cab and All Flip-flops store, is one simple yet very famous coffee shop that you must visit when you come to this paradise.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Pig-Out Time at Nuvali

Nuvali, now being famous for its lush surrounding, giving balance to a healthy and active life, is now also considered as foodista's haven for sumptuous and unique food finds that offers the delicious meals of our country and of our world. But if you want something that's homey, don't worry, Pig Out is here ready to serve every family!

This one place in Nuvali that is open to serve you sumptuous happy meals is located at the Solenad near the lake. With a breathtaking view of the very peaceful Nuvali, one family can enjoy bonding and dining at this restaurant that offers familiar and homey dishes.

I had a chance to taste their delectable dishes last time, and  with a perfect "for sharing" meals, my friends who were all tired from the fun that we had that afternoon checking out Nuvali and actually starving due to the heat and exhaustion, we were able to quench our thirst and fill our tummies with their friendly prices.

To start off our adventure here, we order our own glass of fruit shakes to shake off the heat that we experienced outside.

Pig Out offers a variety of fresh fruit shakes that one can enjoy. Our group had these top two fruit shakes that we really enjoyed.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The State-of-the-Art Electrolux Mobile Cafe

Though this post may be late to share, I think it is still worthy to let you know where my tummy brought me this time to have a delightful meal. And in a place where organic food supreme, who would've thought that a state-of-the-art cafe will blend in and will give delight to a lot of people. Without further ado, let me present to you the Electrolux Cafe!

Last December 3, I had a chance to check out this amazing truck full-load of amazing and I-wish-to-have Kitchen and Home appliances, all made and created by Electrolux!

Mercato Centrale gladly presented to the public that day the newest addition to their growing stalls of incredible offerings, and this time, Electrolux E-Cafe is not just offering sumptuous dishes that you can enjoy, they also opened their doors to let everyone experience a wonderful life with Electrolux.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Inside Chef's Life Book Launch

If you have love ones and friends who are into cooking, there's one gift this coming Christmas that I think they would love to have. oh, not only that they will love it but they'll also enjoy to have til they made the last recipe written on it. Come and let's peek into Chef Bruce Lim's latest offering - Inside a Chef's Life.

Last November 25, inside the very masculine and industrial kitchen of Chef's Table in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, invited guests, media friends and bloggers were treated to a morning of delight and tummy-filling launch starred by the first and latest culinary book that will give more fun to everyone's cooking style and habit.

With 50 well-chosen recipes that molded this great chef into now one of the country's in-demand kitchenmasters, Inside a Chef's Life will surely fill you cravings and your minds with delectable and hard-to-resist- appetizer, salad, main course and dessert recipes.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Distrito Makati: Now Serving!

Under the clear night sky of Makati, without the noise and the rest of the pollution, settled another steaming night market that is ready to serve every workaholic in town with sumptuous dishes inspired by the different cuisines of the world. A food district brought to us by the makers of Mercato CentraleDistrito Makati, now serving!

Last Wednesday as it finally welcomes their first guests, I had a chance to check out Distrito Makati and had a sumptuous dinner that I would love to do every night. (since I work here in Makati :-P)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Red Crab Series: Komrad at Eastwood Libis

Inspired by two distinct districts of China, Komrad got its remarkable and worth-sharing dishes from the districts of Hunan and Sichuan. With both being located at the southern part of the country with mostly high-intensity dishes, or spicy in simplest term, Komrad at Eastwood Mall in Libis, Quezon City just opened its door to share to you authentic Hunan and Sichuan dishes.

Located at the second level of the Eastwood Mall, along the Veranda, Komrad is the newest addition to the growing themed restaurants of The Red Crab Group of Companies. And now, with actor-chef Marvin Agustin joining them on this project, Komrad is considered as one of the must-visit restaurant now here in Eastwood.

Luckily, last week, together with my favorite food bloggers, I was invited here to have a taste of their sweet and spicy Hunan and Sichuan dishes.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Cafe Monsees: Heavenly Goodness at Quezon City

Tomas Morato, Timog Avenue, Trinoma and Libis - these are probably the names of the places that one would utter when asked where to eat in Quezon City. But did you know that somewhere down in Katipunan Avenue, despite of that highway being too busy serving the school boys and school girls of Ateneo and U.P., a heavenly bakeshops offers the most heart-warming kinds of bread that you could find in this City of Stars. With it's name that came from one of the owner's, who is also a monsignor, Cafe Monsees is ready to serve a cloud of happiness to everyone!

Last Monday, since it was a long weekend, I graced an invitation to check out this place where they say heaven and earth meet. It is located along the the bustling street of Katipunan Avenue in White Plains, Quezon City, which to me, was very uncommon. But despite of its uncommonness to me, I braved in and let the burning excitement in me comes to life.

With its two red doors standing side by side, Cafe Monsees is very hard to miss. It is adjacent to other local foodie places that's why asking the cab driver to take us there was no problemo.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chihuhua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar: Tex-Mex Dishes in Manila

Finding one enjoyable foodie spot in Makati City isn't really that big of a problem because in almost every village here, in every street here, and in every corner here you can find one satisfying food joint that will fill your tummy and will give value to your money. And with that great reasons, Houston-raised Elian Habayeb created something that metropolis' foodistas would enjoy, and it has something to do with Texan and Mexican dishes... Welcome to Chihuhua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar!

Chihuhua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar is located at the bustling street of Makati Avenue. With its doors open from 11 in the morning til 3 in the morning from Monday to Thursday, til 5 in the morning on Fridays and Saturdays, and til midnight on Sundays, employees on a day shift and night shift can have a huge bite of their wonderful dishes.

Chihuhua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar is also targeting party-goers who are looking for a hangout place after swagging inside the cool clubs of Makati and Taguig

Saturday, October 29, 2011

L'Entrecote: A Taste of France Now in Burgos Circle

I believe it is of every Filipino's dream to  to see and experience the life in one of the most romantic places on earth. And I, being one of those dreamers, I can't help myself not just to daydream about the sweetness of France but also long to taste its delectable cuisine that it offers to the world. I can't wait for that day to say Lafanggero hits France! ^_^

L'Entrecote, which originates from the Gineste de Saurs family is actually defined by three iconic groups of restaurants. Thanks to Chef Martin Kaspar for bringing one of those restaurants here in the country. And more thanks because it can be easily found in the heart of the metropolis - Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Chef Martin Kaspar

This two-story piece of heaven offers a wide array of French delights than you could expect. And now that it is considered as one of Philippine Tatlers' 2011 Best Restaurants for Steaks, expect more delicious dishes and more happiness from this bistro. Can't get enough of France now, eh?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Appetite Magazines' Restaurant Festival 2011

Enjoy these amazing treats that are properly selected and prepared by Shangri-La Plaza's best of the best restaurants, as Appetite Magazine celebrates the tummy-filling Restaurant Festival 2011

From October 14 to November 30, expect a gastronomical trip around the world from the 13 participating restaurants that will give you wonderful, mouth-watering dishes. There's C2 Classic Cuisine, Cafe Provencal, Clawdaddy, Cravings, Crustasia Asian Bistro, Cyma Restaurants, Green Tomato, Lemon Grass, Pages Deli, Pepper Lunch, Secret Recipe, Pho Hoa and Sing.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Red Crab Series: Crustasia Asian Bistro at Rockwell

Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and China - dishes from these countries made the menu of this elegant foodie spot in Rockwell Power Plant Mall at Makati City more delicious and more festive. And with its contemporary take on these world-class dishes, I'm sure you'll also enjoy dining in its lovely place as we did. Crustasia... a little bit of Asia.

Last Friday, together with my favorite foodie friends, we indulged to the most challenging foodie treat that we've ever had. Challenging not only because we were offered with a lot of dishes, but we also got to taste the spiciest and hottest dishes that Asia could offer to the world.

As you may all know, I'm not a "tough" guy, and one of the things that makes me a not-so-tough guy is spicy food. I can tolerate a little bite of chili on my food, and anything more than that, well, I need a pail of water. Hehe.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Late Night Bingeing at Downtown Bacolod

On our last night in Bacolod, my superfriends and I tried a different experience that we wouldn't do in Metro Manila. Something that some foodies wouldn't even dare to try to if they are out of town too - eat on sidewalks. And if there's one perks that our hotel has, which is the King's Hotel btw, it'll the sidewalk foodie stations that are just outside it.

It was already past 11 o'clock at night and finding a decent place around our hotel was one thing we didn't expect. And since Bacolod is non-7-Eleven county, we ended up having our late night dinner in one of the food stalls we found along Gatuslao Street.

Bacolod: Take Me Back to Calea!

After salivating over pictures and blog posts and pictures and blog posts of my friends who had a taste of these sumptuous cakes from Bacolod City, I finally had my own time to dig in to these sweet and delicious and enjoyed these fantastic Calea cakes! Wee!

From having a hearty lunch at Manokan Country and after buying some pasalubong at BongBong's, my superfriends and I spent some time visiting this sweetest place in Bacolod. I believe Calea has just been there for a few years, but travelers consider the place a must-visit now , and its cakes a must-have!

I never thought that they really have these wide selection, and to surprise us more, the prices were really that affordable! Compared to the other coffee shops I tried here in Manila, Calea offer not just enjoyable treats but also pocket-friendly delights too - something that Manila coffee shops must have. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bacolod: The Best Pasalubong from Bong-Bong's

On the Eat, Pay Love Trip that I had with my superfriends, Bacolod is the place where we spent  this "Love" portion. Actually, we never thought that we love will Bacolod that much, but with their really sumptuous dishes and lovely people, I can't blame why a lot of people fell in love with this city, including us! And thank God, leaving Bacolod wasn't that heart-shattering as it was supposed to be for us because we were able to spend some lovely time buying "pasalubong" for our "LOVE" ones. ^_^

And here in Bacolod, one of the best places to hit for some goodies for the family and friends back home is BongBong's.

BongBong's is so easy to find since most of the cab drivers are familiar of the place. They also have a kiosk ready to serve everyone at SM Bacolod, but upon our observation, the prices are a little higher, so I guess, if you are buying a lot, better hit it's main store. ^_^

Friday, October 7, 2011

Bacolod: Manokan Country and its BEST Chicken Inasal

Since I had an allergic reactions on chicken, I limit myself from having this feathery creature. As much as possible I refrain from having even a tiny piece of it to avoid more complications. But since my Bacolod trip was scheduled ahead of time, I had enough time preparing myself and readying my enzymes to this Chicken Inasal indulgence at Bacolod's Manokan Country.

Manokan Country gain its popularity for serving this super, duper delicious Bacolod's specialty, and when I got to try it, there's no doubt why a lot of people keeps coming back to this place. Their Chicken Inasal was simply the best!

If it is your first time to visit the highly urbanized city of Bacolod like me, I suggest to write down on your itinerary this - MANOKAN COUNTRY - for you not to miss the best Chicken Inasal you'll ever have in your life!

Located just around the block of SM Bacolod, finding this Chicken Inasal haven is so easy. All you need is a hungry tummy, some money to pay your bill, of course, and your casual self and you are good to go.
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