Friday, March 18, 2011

Balut Substitute at World Class Persian Kabab

I'm addicted to "balut" these past few days and it came to the point that my nape started feeling numb and hurt at the same time, that's why my parents and siblings told me to stop eating "balut." Plus, I'm allergic to it, giving me rashes. Aw... :-(

Thank goodness, my blogger-friends invited me to dine at World Class Persian Kabab. Wee!

They have two branches as far as I know, one at Tomas Morato area and one in Ortigas Avenue, San Juan area. And since we were in Ronac Art Museum that day, we dined at San Juan.

To be honest, the facade of the place looks like a cabaret because of the blinking lights all over it, but since the name says "kabab," well, expect nothing but Persian dishes that will fill your tummies, big time!

As for the interior of the place, well, the title "world class," for me, was a little exaggerated describing how the whole interior of this place looks, but who cares, the prices are so affordable! ^_^ And that's what important for now. ^_^

I ordered Beef Shawarma with Rice since it's already dinner time and I'm really, really hungry.

 Beef Shawarma with Rice - Php85.00

For my drinks, I had Watermelon Shake - just in case their food are spicy. ^_^

Watermelon Shake - Php35.00

The Beef Shawarma with Rice was okay. The taste of the roasted beef was satisfying, I just wish that my rice had some butter just like in the other Persian restaurants in the metro that i've been to because butter adds a little flavor to the whole meal.

I added some mayonnaise and chili dressing to add some flavors to my meal,  and that's the way I ate Shawarma, so I think it goes the same even with a rice. ^_^

As for the Watermelon Shake, well, they used real watermelon and it tasted good too that I even got to taste it's seeds.

Most of us ordered the same meal, but some ordered extra dishes. One of my blogger-friend, Flow, ordered some Ox Brain.

Ox Brain - Php55.00

When I heard him ordered this, I was like, "You eat cow's brain? Eew!" But he said that ox brain tastes good that I should try it.

It was my first time to have someone with me ordering such an exotic dish like that, so when it arrived on our table, my sense of smell worked quickly  and catch the aroma of the Ox Brain. I was surprised to smell a familiar aroma.... A"balut"!

Unsure as I was to try this dish, I braved myself in having a bit of it and placed it my mouth. And to my surprise again, it was delicious! The "balut" idea was more present when you tasted it!

It was like the yellow part of the balut, which most of us egg eaters love. ^_^ My favourite part, too!

And because this Ox Brain is something new to me, and I wondered what are the health benefits that it has compared to the "balut" that I love to eat, here's a list of nutrient contents that I saw on the Internet:

Well, I guess the only thing that we can say to ourselves by now, may it be a "balut" or Ox Brain let's just eat moderately!

Happy eating, guys!


  1. Alex, try naman to visit my friends' store:

  2. Uy, yeah, sure! I'll try that! Yun eh kung mahanap ko kung san parte ng QC yan. Hehehe. Thanks!

  3. Oh wow, I've also posted about this place quite a few times. Favorite ko yung Beef Chello Kabab nila! Nakakagutom! :)


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