Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Korean Consolation

Braving the metro's traffic is probably one of the craziest thing I did a few days back. I didn't know what comes into my mind that day to take the MRT, and join the commuting public of the eastern part of the metro as they hurried back home. I found myself lost at Shaw Boulevard until my phone beeps with a notification stating that my Uber driver is about to pick me.

I could just take a ride back home, but my tummy mumbles in hungers asking for some good dinner. It was already 8 p.m. then - a 2 hour travel time from SM Mall of Asia, I reminded myself. So, instead of asking the driver to take me home, I told him to bring me to Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons, where my friends are waiting for me.

With my hunger that night, I couldn't wait for more hours to eat dinner, good thing I Am Kim, a fun quirky Korean restaurant at the lower level of Estancia Mall offers a good Bibimbap in a quick span of time.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Say Hello to Ostrich Burger!

There are only three things that I'm looking for a burger - one, must have a nice bun; two, must have a tender, juicy and nicely cooked patty; and three, must fresh veggies and cheese for additional crunch and flavor. Well, I thought that's all I ever wanted for a burger until I tasted The Ostrich Farm's Ostrich Burger.

Nowadays, people are continuously craving for good burger. But unlike before, most of us are gearing towards having a gourmet one that offers healthier option - an option that opens an opportunity to friends-entrepreneurs Frances and husband-and-wife Kristine and Jaime to introduce ostrich burger.

(from left to right) Owners Ms. Frances Medina (Chief Executive Manager, Soguilon Foods Corporation) with Husband and Wife, Mr. Jaime Jasper Lao Lim (President, Soguilon Foods Corporation) and Mrs. Kristine S. Lim (Chairwoman and CEO, Soguilon Foods Corporation)

A few days back, I had an eye-opening dinner with Ms. Frances and Ms. Kristine about the goodness of ostrich meat and how wonderful it can be a substitute to our well-loved beef burger.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Eat Like the Highlanders!

One of the most prominent destinations for special gatherings like weddings, baptisms, and birthday parties in the southern part of Metro Manila, Tagaytay Highlands gain its popularity to people who opt a classy yet comfortable special place while being embraced by the cold weather and backed by the magnificent and clear view of Taal Lake and Volcano.

Though, I must clearly indicate that Tagaytay Highlands is an exclusive, for-members-only destination in this part of Tagaytay City, having friends who are so generous to host your stay in this well-planned, controlled and secure property of Belle Corporations will let you enjoy these sumptuous meals that I get to enjoy during my 2-day weekend stay in this lush country-side world of Tagaytay.

Currently housing more than a dozen of well-chosen and high-standard dining facilities, Tagaytay Highlands takes pride on it dining options and its respective dishes that are set to whet one's appetite and make life truly remarkable and well-spent. From Akasaka, Bistro Saratoga, Chosun, Shakes & Soda Pops, Filipino, Highlander Steakhouse, Highlands China Palace, Highlands Golfers Lounge, Midlands Golfers Lounge, Sports Center Veranda, The Bread Shop, The Great Room, Toscana, The Highlands Kitchen, Trellis Grill and ZsaZsa’s KTV, one could just stay inside the club's premises and live a happy life filled with wonderful meals suits to one's discriminating luxury and taste.

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