Monday, September 14, 2015

Eat Like the Highlanders!

One of the most prominent destinations for special gatherings like weddings, baptisms, and birthday parties in the southern part of Metro Manila, Tagaytay Highlands gain its popularity to people who opt a classy yet comfortable special place while being embraced by the cold weather and backed by the magnificent and clear view of Taal Lake and Volcano.

Though, I must clearly indicate that Tagaytay Highlands is an exclusive, for-members-only destination in this part of Tagaytay City, having friends who are so generous to host your stay in this well-planned, controlled and secure property of Belle Corporations will let you enjoy these sumptuous meals that I get to enjoy during my 2-day weekend stay in this lush country-side world of Tagaytay.

Currently housing more than a dozen of well-chosen and high-standard dining facilities, Tagaytay Highlands takes pride on it dining options and its respective dishes that are set to whet one's appetite and make life truly remarkable and well-spent. From Akasaka, Bistro Saratoga, Chosun, Shakes & Soda Pops, Filipino, Highlander Steakhouse, Highlands China Palace, Highlands Golfers Lounge, Midlands Golfers Lounge, Sports Center Veranda, The Bread Shop, The Great Room, Toscana, The Highlands Kitchen, Trellis Grill and ZsaZsa’s KTV, one could just stay inside the club's premises and live a happy life filled with wonderful meals suits to one's discriminating luxury and taste.

Love your Own at the Start of the Day

Starting your day in the lush community of Tagaytay Highlands would be as exciting as catching the first ray of the beautiful sunrise. But what’s more exciting is the wonderful all-time favorite Filipino breakfast sets that will make you feel at home.

On my first day here, we had our Filipino breakfast at the Highlands Golfers Lounge.

Considered as the first stop among members and guests, Highlands Golfers Lounge shares wide selection of our local favorites, as well as Asian and International cuisines that are set to pump up your day. Though, this is not my first time to dine here, I didn't miss of trying their own version of Tapsilog, a local's favorite breakfast meal that consists of deep-fried marinated beef with garlic rice, sunny-side-up egg and vegetable sidings.

Tapa, Corned and Sausage with Sunny Side Up Egg and Garlic Rice

Tagaytay City is a famous for fresh and delicious cow's meat, so whenever possible, one shouldn't miss the opportunity of trying Highlands Golfers Lounge's version of Tapsilog.

Highlands Golfers Lounge has a full bar and serves buffets on select weekends and holidays. Located on the ground floor of the Highlands Golf Club, it also houses two (2) Tee Houses that serve refreshments at the Highlands Golf Course.

For those who are staying at The Spa and Lodge, guests could also enjoy these sumptuous Filipino breakfast meals at The Great Room.

They serve breakfasts and light snacks for the guests of The Spa and Lodge there all day.

A Golden Imperial Lunch at Tagaytay Highlands China Palace

From imperial banquets to private dinner fit for an emperor, this next restaurant that has two-level with lavishly designed interior offers authentic Cantonese cuisine to Tagaytay Highlands residents and guests.

Located along Palace Drive across the Sports Center and the Holy Family Chapel, Highlands China Place is divided into four different parts depicting the four seasons of China.

When we went there last weekend, the whole place was still empty. Probably because most of the people are at the Clubhouse where kids can enjoy the pool right after lunch or the rest  are at the more popular dining place like The Highlander Steakhouse.

Though it wasn't that obvious too, we were informed that some of the segments of this grand palace-like restaurant is being renovated to make way for the upcoming 20th year anniversary of Tagaytay Highlands - would you believe it, Tagaytay Highlands has been here for two decades sharing the most precious and comforting style of living to Filipinos and expats.

Assorted Dumplings and China Palace Specialties

For our first lunch that weekend, nothing could be more fitting than having this Imperial lunch prepared by the all-smile team of Highlands China Palace.

I didn't know that such kind of Oriental delight could be found in this part of Tagaytay. A right-on-the-smack set of dishes that adds golden rays to the lush and serene ambiance of this prime and exclusive community.

We were told that there's gonna an exciting surprise for Tagaytay Highlands residents in the coming days from the Highlands China Palace, so if you are aiming to live here very soon, you better watch out for it.

Fill up Light but Good by the Cold Evening

From visiting the very amazing zoo too the adventurous ATV tour around the premises, to capturing the beauty of Tagaytay Highlands from the top via their cable car (a first in the Philippines, if I'm not mistaken), our afternoon here was truly tiring but absolutely fun and exciting.

So just before we go back to our dens, we head next to The Country Club, where we had one of the most relaxing but truly delightful dinner here at Tagaytay Highlands.

Snapper in White Wine Sauce

I must admit that I was quite hesitant about this meal - Snapper in White Wine Sauce - but when I tried it, it was so divine that I didn't notice that I finished it all in less than 15 minutes. The tangy flavor of the sauce compliments really well to the well-cooked Snapper fish. The sweetness of the buttered vegetables on the sides, completes teh balance making this whole meal truly divine.

Fresh Green and  Creme Brulee

Prior to that main dish, we also had a garden salad, which gave us a good start to this supper and capping off the experience, Country Club's in-house chef surprised us with Creme Brulee, which really left a huge smile on our faces.

The ambiance and the service of the staff  are something to acknowledge too because they made us all feel so special and at home. The whole dining experience was so splendid that I envy my friends who are living here at Tagaytay Highlands.

This is a great experience fit to end our awesome first day here at Tagaytay Highlands.

Ending it with a Roar at The Highlander Steakhouse

Our breakfast on our last day here at Tagaytay Highlands was so homey and comforting as expected, but what we are really excited about is our luncheon in probably one of the most favorite and well-known dining places inside this exclusive community, The Highlander Steakhouse.

A log-cabin inspired property within Tagaytay Higlands, meat-lovers will definitely see the 7th Heaven of Steaks in this part of the this prestigious place. Considered as The Club's premier restaurant, one can indulge on the best steak you could ever find in this part of Tagaytay City.

Rib Eye, Salmon Tornado, and BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Choose from their right-off-the-grill meat and fish main entrees, which will surely delight your day, mix that with some wines from the finest bottle collection, or fresh fruit shakes if you are not into alcoholic beverages, and top it off with their beautifully plated and right-on-the-smack dessert that will ultimately give you a superb dining experience inside this rustic log cabin. 

Cheese Cake

More than its sumptuous meals, homey ambiance, on their al fresco area, one could also find relaxation with the breathtaking view of Taal Volcano and Lake right beneath this luxurious hideaway atop the Tagaytay mountain range.

The Highlander Steakhouse is located along Belle View Drive.

It's good to know that Tagaytay Highlands keeps on growing supplying the world with wonderful residential and vacation houses fit for those who want to make the best out of their lives.

Thank you, Tagaytay Highlands! This, if not, one of the best vacation / weekend getaway I had this year! Here to more success and beauty  shared to those who aspires for it!

Happy eating, friends!

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