Tuesday, December 20, 2016

White Christmas Indulgence with Sbarro’s Chicago Super Cheese Deep Dish Pizza

Nothing beats a wonderful Holidays spent with your family and friends – and to make the merry-making more memorable and delightful, wonderful and comforting dishes are served to warm everyone's hearts and tummies. For a family like us, pizza is one of those must-have dishes during the holidays. Not only that this is easy to have, but also, just like a pizza, it brings everyone at the center.

This Yuletide Season, one of the world’s famous pizza brand is sharing a delectable and snow-white treat for all pizza lovers that you and your loved ones could enjoy - Sbarro’s Chicago Super Cheese Deep Dish Pizza. A cheese on cheese on cheese pizza that is set to give a whole new filling and sumptuous eating experience to everyone, this Sbarro’s Chicago Super Cheese Deep Dish Pizza is now available at all Sbarro’s parlor all over the country for only Php189.00 per slice of Php1512.00 for the whole pan size.

I got to enjoy this new pizza a few days after they launched it, and I’d say that if you love their Chicago White pizza like I do, you will love this even more. The magnificent and generous blend of mozzarella cheese and Ricotta sauce gave this Sbarro’s Chicago Super Cheese Deep Dish Pizza that ultimate cheese pizza indulgence which is so fitting this season.

For small and big groups, Sbarro Philippines prepared a delectable package that suits your budget too. Chicago Super Cheese Deep Dish Pizza can go with salad, pasta and beverage, which is just perfect for gatherings or parties.

Best served hot and with their salsa dressing, Sbarro’s Chicago Super Cheese Deep Dish Pizza can also be enjoyed by kids since it's a little sweet and tasteful.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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