Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Funky French Fry Snax Overload!

I'm a big junk food junkie! There's never a day in my life that I didn't have a pack of anything that is salty and crunchy and yummy. Most of the time, I stick with my local favorites, but if there's something new in the market, I don't mind spending extra to try them. So, let me tell you how Funky French Fry Snax made my weekend afternoon somehow fun!

Comes in six different fun flavors, Plain, Cheese, Sweet Cheddar, BBQ, Hot & Spicy and even Spaghetti, Funky Fun Snax gives a new twist to our all-time favorite fries in a crunchier way.

And since I'm really "matakaw", I had all of those six flavors to find out which ones suits to my taste best.

I'm a huge fan of sweet and salty food, so having those two cheese flavors - Cheese Flavor and Sweet Cheddar Flavor - was good. The Hot & Spicy Flavor is perfect as "pulutan" since it is really spicy and as for that Spaghetti Flavor, it reminded me on Pritos Ring, only in fries style. :-)

My nieces love the Plain and BBQ Flavors since their are into this mixing flavors. Kids! Hahaha!

A pack of this fairly delicious snack a day is good, especially if you feel sleepy at work. Just make sure that the admin doesn't know about it. Hahaha! Funky Frech Fry Snax is created by Pinnacle Foods Inc. and it is fortified with iron that makes it nutritious, so this is god for kids too.

You can check out more about Funky French Fry Snax at their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/FunkyFrenchFrySnax)!

Happy snacks time! :-) Happy eating!

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