Thursday, March 15, 2012

Munching My Way to Spain with Shakey's Pizza Castellana

The game is on for Shakey's Pizza as this year they are starting it with a series of mouth-watering offerings that you could only find here. And in line with this, Shakey's also put their best foot froward as they hosted their first ever food bloggers' event. Luckily, I was on of those foodies who got an invite and had a taste of their latest creations, starting with Pizza Castellana!

March 13, around 15 foodies gathered at the biggest branch of Shakey's at Quezon Avenue to take part in this first-ever bloggers' event of Shakey's. With curiosity killing us, we were welcomed by Shakey's representatives headed by Mr. Lorenzo Guerrero, Mr. Koi Castillo and Miss Eymare Bacasmas.

I can feel the little excitement going around us that morning, and after some minutes of hi's and hellos, we were asked to take our seats for the little program that they prepared.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Floring's - Beating the Odds

With Mang Inasal and ChicBoy in the market beating one another, withstanding the demands of the ever-demanding public, there's this new place in Bonifacio Global City that just opened its doors and offers an almost the same menu that those two giant names have been serving for years now. May this girl-named Floring can teach how these man-named foodie spots some manners and respect to the ladies?

Just opened two weeks ago, Floring's BBQ Grill is the latest addition to the growing foodie spots here in Bonifacio Global City. Brought to us by Chef Florabel Co-Yatco, this new foodie spot is also the latest addition to the elegant line of restaurants of this chef to the stars. Though, as you may all noticed, this one has a different setup, a different approach, one thing it can assure you, big eaters and good-money spenders will enjoy Floring's.

I was invited last week to have a lunch here at Floring's. This place is located in Unit 2, at the corner of 4th Avenue, BGC and is open from 10 in the morning till 11 at night. At first glance, you'll be really attracted to this place. With its giant pig logo, which I personally find really cute, and it very pleasing colors, Floring's made sure that their diners will feel welcome and won't feel any intimidation.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

RML Manokan Haus Kamayan: One of the Best in Panay Island

At one point of my vacation in Aklan, I can't stop myself to crave for some delectable and really good chicken inasal. And since travelling back to Iloilo or Bacolod would eat some of my precious leisure time and vacation money, I practiced my talent on Google Map and found this place named RML Manokan Haus Kamayan.

Derived from the term "kamayan" or eating by hands, this place, which is located at Mabini Street, a few step from Gaisano Mall in Kalibo, offers hundreds of local dishes that are perfect for individuals and large group of people.

The place was very spacious that I think can hold up to a hundred persons. And with the basic table and bench set-up, one can find a very home-y, rural-ish tummy-filling spot in here where most of the guests are eating with their hands.

I'm not a fan of eating by hands, seriously, because I don't like seeing my fingers on those weird-looking state. But when I saw some of the guests here at RML doing that, it was so enticing to see them, especially with those who are really enjoying doing it.

Anyways, since my photo session with the Ati tribes are not yet done, I convinced myself to eat with spoon and fork in my hands. Hehe. I know, I'm such a kill joy. Haha!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Different Flavor of Aklan at Kitty's Kitchen

When I visited Kalibo, Aklan a few months ago for their annual Ati-atihan Festival, one of the restaurants that I visited and really filled my very hungry tummy was this place they call Kitty's Kitchen.

With a very modern Pinoy interior, I was really delighted to stumble upon this place. Kalibo was very crowded that time, and it was hard to find a decent place to eat, so despite of the place looking too chic (meaning prices may be over my meal allowance for that trip) I tough it out, take a seat and asked for their menu.

The place was kinda full that night, luckily there's a spare table at the corner that it is just perfect for the alone me. I'm honestly clueless as to what to order, so I just asked for their bestseller, which my usual request when I visited a new place. :-)

Their server, who was sweet and really approachable, just like the other Akleans that I've met during my visit here, told me that their bestseller and most ordered that night was their Original BBQ Ribs.

I turned my head to the other tables to check, and indeed, most of the guests that night have that meal on their tables. I'm just not that sure if they were tourists who are also clueless like me. Hehe.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Mongolian Experience at Baguio City

On our last night - last cold night - at Baguio City for the Eurotel's Baguio Bliss, the Eurotel Team treated us to one of Baguio's hottest dinner buffet now. It is not European, it's not American, it's Mongolian! And who would say no to a steamy eat-all-you-can buffet dinner at O' Mai Khan Grill and Hot Pot?

With the City of Pines' cold weather and tiresome scenic places, you can't blame visitors eating here and there. I love eating in Baguio because it is really tiring to go in and around the city. And with the province's fresh of the freshest vegetables, fruits and meat, food tripping is really a MUST-DO here.

So, when the Eurotel Team asked us if we wanna the try city's hottest Mongolian eat-all-you-can buffet, we eagerly said YES!

Located at Otek Street, Rizal Park, Baguio City, this place offers quite a wide range of ala carte and buffet selection. And during that night, as the temperature drops down and the stove of the kitchen gets hotter and hotter, more and more tourists - local and international - check out the place to have a steamy hot meal.

And since we have one business in mind that night - the eat-all-you-can buffet a.k.a.Mongolian Barbeque, which cost Php210.00 for adults and Php150.00 for kids 4 feet and below - we went straight to the tables that were reserved to us, ordered our drinks first and then fall in line with the rest of the guests to the buffet counter.
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