Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Mongolian Experience at Baguio City

On our last night - last cold night - at Baguio City for the Eurotel's Baguio Bliss, the Eurotel Team treated us to one of Baguio's hottest dinner buffet now. It is not European, it's not American, it's Mongolian! And who would say no to a steamy eat-all-you-can buffet dinner at O' Mai Khan Grill and Hot Pot?

With the City of Pines' cold weather and tiresome scenic places, you can't blame visitors eating here and there. I love eating in Baguio because it is really tiring to go in and around the city. And with the province's fresh of the freshest vegetables, fruits and meat, food tripping is really a MUST-DO here.

So, when the Eurotel Team asked us if we wanna the try city's hottest Mongolian eat-all-you-can buffet, we eagerly said YES!

Located at Otek Street, Rizal Park, Baguio City, this place offers quite a wide range of ala carte and buffet selection. And during that night, as the temperature drops down and the stove of the kitchen gets hotter and hotter, more and more tourists - local and international - check out the place to have a steamy hot meal.

And since we have one business in mind that night - the eat-all-you-can buffet a.k.a.Mongolian Barbeque, which cost Php210.00 for adults and Php150.00 for kids 4 feet and below - we went straight to the tables that were reserved to us, ordered our drinks first and then fall in line with the rest of the guests to the buffet counter.

O' Mai Khan has 18 different sauces that you can mix and match in their buffet section. With chicken, beef and pork (yes, sadly, they don't have seafood here) as their base ingredients, one can play with the other ingredients and sauces that you could find.

But before you start digging in those bowls and choosing the ingredient that you wanna put in your bowl, make sure first that you can eat them all because O' Mai Khan is following a strict rule on leftovers a.k.a. The Yassa Rule.

On my first (mind you, first) bowl, I tried to have this rice in a bowl kinda meal. I had this steamed white rice at the bottom, with pork and chicken, then I added some leafy greenies, sprout and tofu. Then for the spices, since I am aiming for a sweet and spicy dish, I placed some teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, brown sugar, water, and etcetera that I cannot remember. Hehe. According to the attending "sauce expert" that's been manning the area, it is important to any Mongolian dish to have the top three ingredients, soy sauce, water and sugar. That's why she added some more to my dish to make sure that it will taste good.

Then she asked me if I wanna try their chili, and despite of the warning that says "REALLY HOT CHILI", I told her to put a little bit of it, just to try how hot it really is.

The chili is that little brownish thing in top of everything.

You will not be the one who'll be cooking your dish. They have an in-house cook that will do that for you. And cooking time may depend on the amount of your food and the availability of the stove. You see, they have a separate stove for sweet and spicy orders, so if it happens that there's a lot of guests who prefer spicy dishes, your dish will have to fall in line. :-)

And so, after some 10 minutes of waiting, my steamy meal arrived. The appearance may not that pleasing, but since I'm kinda excited to taste my creation, I picked my chopsticks and had a taste of it.

Seriously, it was hot, steamy hot. Haha! I didn't get the taste on my first dib, to I dug in again. If I'm not mistaken, my dish  tasted  kinda like a sweet curry, if there's any. Hehe.

At first, I thought that the heat that I'm feeling in my mouth was due to it being newly cooked. But as I continued munching it, I felt that it was not. It was too late then when I realized that my tongue is burning due too the chili that I asked the "sauce lady" to add in. It was really hot - deadly hot! Even the cold soda beside me can't help me beat the burning sensation I have in my mouth! Thank goodness that my colleagues are having a fruit shake with milk in it and they let me sipped some of it. I thought I'll cry that night. 

I also wanna thank the cold weather of Baguio for keeping me calm. Haha!

Due to Yessa Rule, well, I have to endure the burning pain and finish my meal. Hehe. Thankfully, I did. ^_^

I almost gave up for having another meal, but since I can feel the burning sensation of the chili, after some minutes of letting my tongue rest, I fell in line again, and this time I made sure that I'll have a sweet Mongolian dish. Hehe.

My second bowl is consisted of beef as its main ingredient, some veggies to add some crunch and a lot of sweet spices. Hehe. I didn't add rice in it because this time I wanna know the taste of my dish without the added starchy rice.

It only took few minutes to have my meal done, and when I tasted it, it was purely Mongolian heaven. Hehe. I asked for a separate bowl of steamed white rice, and voila, it was the best Mongolian meal I've ever had. Hehe. Thanks for the assist, "sauce lady"!

If you are a big eater and sucker for Asian cuisine and knows something on mixing and matching of flavors, I highly suggest that you try this place. With its price, location and ambiance, trying O' Mai Khan of Baguio City is now a must-do in this lovely city that I'll recommend to you.

Happy eating!


  1. I love Mongolian buffets! Good to know there's one over at the City of Pines! :)

  2. Mongolian Buffet heaven indeed! :D


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