Monday, January 28, 2013

I love everything from WangFu!

I'm sure that Singaporean dish lovers in and around the metropolis have already been indulging to the sumptuous dishes prepared by WangFu Chinese Cafe in Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato, Quezon City. And I honestly cannot blame them because when I got to try their amazing array of offerings, I can't say not to them at all, plainly because they all of them are oh, so good!

Despite of my drive to keep myself away from the delicious food around the metro, I gave it up a few weeks ago to the delightful and very inviting appeal of one of the most favorite Chinese/Singaporean restaurants in Quezon City - the WangFu Chinese Cafe. Combining the concept of traditional Singaporean Hawker Center and Hongkong Tea House, WangFu serves most of the well-loved Singaporean and Cantonese comfort food in a very Pinoy way - something that is so hard to resist, really.

Bringing in to the Philippines a chef who hails from China, WangFu promises a full menu of authentic Chinese and Singaporean cuisines suit to fill every Pinoy's cravings. From appetizers down to their colorful and festive dessert, one will get at home with their wonderful mix of flavors and style.

For starter, Chinese and Singaporean dishes are high on sauces and dips, so if in case you order something that you think will be better to have some soy sauce, chili sauce or ginger sauce, don't hesitate to ask. The servers here are really nice and friendly, so don't be shy. They are more willing to serve you and have you enjoy their dishes.

When it comes to Chinese/Singaporean restaurants, the first dish that made me realize if that place is good is if they serve good vegetable dishes, and here in WangFu, they just don't serve good vegetable dishes but rather GREAT and WONDERFUL vegetable dishes and two among them are these two below.

                   French Bean Stir Fry - Php168.00  Chili Potato Strings - Php128.00

The French Stir Fry was cooked with minced pork and chili adding a nice kick to the well-cooked French Bean. As for the Chili Potato String, it may look dull, but honestly, it was the best dish that I've tasted that day. It was surprisingly good and every munch of it is an enjoyment to my palette. A really unique twist to our old-time favorite potato.

For meat choices, these two dishes blow must be on your list when you come to visit this place. Though, I know that the looks and names of these two dishes are kinds ordinary, I assure you that taste will give your palette a different adventure that you'll love. 

                     Black Pepper Beef - Php268.00    Crunchy Sweet and Sour Pork
                                                                                                       - Php228.00

I prefer the Black Pepper Beef more because of  sting given to my tongue, but if you are coming here with a kid, the Crunchy Sweet and Sour Pork is a dish that can be enjoyed by them. 

WangFu experience will not be complete without their pride dish, the WangFu Hainanese Chicken. And I seriously think that their Haninanese Chicken is so far the best that I've ever tasted. The thick sauce is I guess the reason why it tasted really good and it also made the chicken meat really tender. On the other hand, the Soy Chicken has the same consistency and appeal but only a little brownish in color and saltier in taste. 

       WangFu Hainanese Chicken - Php338.00     Soy Chicken - Php338.00

At first the difference in taste wasn't that obvious, but after maybe 3 bites, you'll know that the offered both dishes - a really experience worth repeating for!

For other enjoyable treat, one dish that I can guarantee will be loved by children is their version of Cereal Prawn. Comes in good amount of prawns that are cooked nicely and then covered with sweet cereal flakes that are - oh, this dish is indeed more than just an eye candy!

Cereal Prawn - Php358.00

The last dish that we got try tells us that Singapore is indeed a country of mix culture, and with this Beef Curry on our table, I cannot honestly wait to visit that country to know more about it. But for now, I am thankful to WangFu for sharing us the true flavors of Singapore and China.

Beef Curry - Php348.00

 But wait, there's more!

 For cold and refreshing drinks and desserts choices, WangFu didn't leave us hanging, and here are the delectable sweet and thirst-quenching offering that I got to enjoy from them - and take note - at a very affordable price, because most of them are perfect for two! Isn't that sweet?

                          WangFu Freeze - Php98.00             Milo Godzilla - Php98.00

                 Traditional Ice Kachang - Php98.00    Mango Kachang - Php98.00

Super duper thank you, WangFu! I cannot wait to visit your place again and have a taste of those wonderful dishes that are now of my favorite lists!

Happy eating, everyone!


  1. OMG I want to try the 2 kachangs! I hope I get to visit here even if its far away from my place.

    1. Gow, their dishes are surprisingly good too! :-)


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