Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bacolod: The Best Pasalubong from Bong-Bong's

On the Eat, Pay Love Trip that I had with my superfriends, Bacolod is the place where we spent  this "Love" portion. Actually, we never thought that we love will Bacolod that much, but with their really sumptuous dishes and lovely people, I can't blame why a lot of people fell in love with this city, including us! And thank God, leaving Bacolod wasn't that heart-shattering as it was supposed to be for us because we were able to spend some lovely time buying "pasalubong" for our "LOVE" ones. ^_^

And here in Bacolod, one of the best places to hit for some goodies for the family and friends back home is BongBong's.

BongBong's is so easy to find since most of the cab drivers are familiar of the place. They also have a kiosk ready to serve everyone at SM Bacolod, but upon our observation, the prices are a little higher, so I guess, if you are buying a lot, better hit it's main store. ^_^

Their goods range from toasted muffins, biscochos, banadas, different flavors of piaya and many, many more.

Piaya - Php40.00

Chocolate Piaya - Php30.00

Biscocho - Php60.00 (big)

Biscocho - Php32.00 (small)

Banadas - Php27.00

Toasted Muffin - Php50.00

I personally love their Toasted Muffins and Banadas. Sweet and crunchy, just the way I like them! ^_^

Their original prices are quite reasonable, so I manage to take home quite a lot - for the family of course to have a taste of Bacolod too! ^_^ Love, remember? Hihih.

Aside from those food, you can also buy some souvenir shirts and other trinkets that you can give to your friends. They have these cute ref magnets, key chains, and mask necklaces. It is in Bacolod where the world-famous Masskara Festival happens, so if you are looking for some  interesting mask-related souvenirs, you can rely on BongBong's too!

I bought some necklaces for my office mates and I'm glad they liked it! ^_^ The prices of these stuff vary too, because some have these cool designs, while there are few that have this simple-yet-still-look-good appeal.

As for me, I settled for this shirt that says it all. The shirt that I think deserve one happy owner - and that's me!

Thank you, Bacolod, for that splendid time! I promise to be back soon and I'll make sure that I'll see more of you, including Masskara Festival! Wee!

Happy eating! ^_^


  1. You can also add Negros Showroom on your list.

    Check out for more tips in Bacolod and Negros

  2. benta din kayo dito sa mindanao..espescially malaybalay bukidnon


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