Friday, October 7, 2011

Bacolod: Manokan Country and its BEST Chicken Inasal

Since I had an allergic reactions on chicken, I limit myself from having this feathery creature. As much as possible I refrain from having even a tiny piece of it to avoid more complications. But since my Bacolod trip was scheduled ahead of time, I had enough time preparing myself and readying my enzymes to this Chicken Inasal indulgence at Bacolod's Manokan Country.

Manokan Country gain its popularity for serving this super, duper delicious Bacolod's specialty, and when I got to try it, there's no doubt why a lot of people keeps coming back to this place. Their Chicken Inasal was simply the best!

If it is your first time to visit the highly urbanized city of Bacolod like me, I suggest to write down on your itinerary this - MANOKAN COUNTRY - for you not to miss the best Chicken Inasal you'll ever have in your life!

Located just around the block of SM Bacolod, finding this Chicken Inasal haven is so easy. All you need is a hungry tummy, some money to pay your bill, of course, and your casual self and you are good to go.

With a look of an old-style carinderia, Manokan Country is actually a collection of Chicken Inasal food stalls under one name - NENA.

When I got there with my superfriends, we chose Nena's Beth  for no reason at all, and gladly, our first visit there was very delightful.

The prices of their offerings depend on the part of the chicken that you wanna have, ranging from Php25.00 to Php60.00, family and friends can enjoy a hearty meal in less than Php500.00 for sure.

Pecho Pak - Php65.00/pc

Garlic Rice - Php18.00/cup

And to add more fun to your meal, try having their steamed oysters, which are sooooo affordable!

Steamed Oysters - Php35.00/plate

I believe during lunch time and dinner time, all those seats are filled with hungry customers who are salivating over those delish grilled chicken, so I\d suggest to come hear earlier or better yet, eat a little late to have the whole place by your own. ^_^

So if you think you had the best Chicken Inasal from your favorite fast food restaurant, which are sprouting like mushrooms in different parts of the country, think twice! Or better yet, book your flight now to Bacolod, have fun at Masskara Festival and fill those hungry tummies with Manokan Country's best-tasting Chicken Inasal for you to find out which taste the best!

Happy eating!

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