Friday, December 3, 2010

Lechon Pizza by Pizza Hut, WTF!

That was my expression when I first saw their ad on TV. I, being a huge pizza lover, just felt sick when I saw that advertisement. What on earth was that? Who the hell would that? For sure the taste of that Pizza Hut's Lechon Pizza is just so gooey.

But I was wrong… ALL WRONG!

The only thing that I like about lechon is the crispy, well-roasted pig’s skin, just like almost everybody. I rarely like the meat of the roasted pig, and I usually eat my lechon without its sauce because I don’t like the smell of that eewy brownish sauce.

But when I got to taste Pizza Hut’s Lechon Pizza, everything turned out perfectly. The lechon, which I thought will stay just the way it is, can now be enjoyed with pizza! Genius!

This all-time favourite Pizza Hut’s Classic Crust is topped with layer after layer of traditional lechon sauce, premium lechon meat, mouth-watering melted cheese and onions that are roasted to sweetness. Sound delicious, right? Wait til you get a hold of this pizza!

“Lechon nga!” - an impression that anyone will give once they took a bite of this sumptuous offering from Pizza Hut. It was really tasteful, and smell, oh, heavenly!

With all of the new dishes or offerings that are on the market in time for the holidays, I think, this one tops them all. The ingenuity and the wonderful mix of flavour, so Christmas-y! Me likey so much!

The only thing that I can say to y’all, eat moderately, since this is still the same old lechon, people with high blood pressures, be careful, all right?

Happy eating!

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