Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Joseph and Jaemark is back!

For those who don’t any idea what Joseph and Jaemark is, this is a place back in the late 80s to early 90s where celebrities used to dine in and enjoy a sumptuous and top of the class Filipino dishes. It was then located in Pasay City near Cuneta Astrodome, where people, celebrities alike, spent most of their, watching the B game.

And now, as the food industry in the country boot up again, the most love Tuna place is back with a better place at the very heart of Quezon City.

Fellas, let us all welcome Joseph and Jaemark’s Family Grill.


If you want try an all-Filipino feast with all of its distinctive flavours, drive now to J&J!

On my first experience to this newly revived place, I was quite not sure with what outstanding dish that they have to offer. First, the name of the place is quite a so-so to me. I mean, it’s not that catchy, especially to those who don’t know its history.

But then again, with that Tuna on its logo, I know that they really have something. So here are the dishes that I tired during my first visit. And I know that I’ll be going back there because I liked quite a few of their dishes that they served to us.

First, the Catfish Salad. I had this kind of salad before, and though it was not as good as the one I had before, it still good, perfect to start a great seafood feast.

Catfish Salad – Php200.00

Another dish that I kind of liked when I paid a visit at this place is their BBQ Pork Spareribs.

BBQ Pork Spareribs – Php220.00

The taste was so Christmas-y. This reminds me of the ham that my mom prepares every Christmas. The sweet and saltiness of this dish was so nice that it was a perfect partner to hot white rice.

Their Bicol Express too was kinda good.

Bicol Express – Php145.00

Though I’m not a big spicy food fan, I’d say that this one was really tasteful. The veggies were cooked nicely, giving a crunch to every bite.

As for my favourites from this place, I have quite a few. Hehehe.

Let’s start off with their specialty, Crispy Buntot ng Tuna.

Crispy Buntot ng Tuna –
Php315.00 (medium) / Php415.00 (large)

It was my first time to try such dish, and I was delighted by its real crispy skin and tasteful meat. To be honest, with this one dish plus rice, I’m already grateful. It was really good.

The next dish that I’d love to have again on my next visit is their Grilled Tuna Belly.

Grilled Tuna Belly –
Php270.00 (small) / Php360.00 (medium) / Php450.00 (large)
*picture courtesy of FoodBanquet.com

If you like a garlicky Filipino dish, I recommend that you try this one. The nice blends of the flavours were really delectable making the tuna the real star of the night.

As for the other non-tuna dish, I enjoyed having their Stuffed Petchay.

Stuffed Petchay – Php160.00

If you like surprises when it come to food, oh, be ready with this one. The explosion of flavours awaits your mouth as you start chewing this bite-size rolled petchays.

And lastly, the last dish that we all enjoyed that night, the Coco Prawn.

Coco Prawn – Php450.00

This was something new to me, because inside the coconut shell were prawns dipped in thick sauce with some vegetables and coconut meat. Yes, coconut meat!

At first I was hesitant to try it, because I’m afraid that it might upset my full tummy – mainly because of the coconut meat. But when I got taste of the sauce and a bite of that yummy prawn, I forgot about my tummy and instead enjoyed the very homey flavour of this dish. This is a must-try here at Joseph and Jaemark’s.

But just like any other good place, this wonderful visit wouldn’t be as happy as it should be without the owner’s treat. I rarely experience freebies, so I was exuberant when I heard that the chef wants us to try something new and soon-to-be part of their menu.

Chicken with Ginger
Black Gulaman with Lychee

Now, I know why people back then are so into Joseph and Jaemark’s place. The tuna dishes were inexplicably mouth-watering and undeniably delicious. The other Filipino dishes were really unique that will crave you for more and the people, including the staff and the owners were truly accommodating.


Thank you Joseph and Jaemark for this memorable experience!
To infinity and beyond!

Joseph & Jaemark's Family Grill
#5 Sgt. Esguerra, Diliman, Quezon City
(02) 410-TUNA (8862)

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