Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sweet Treats by Paradizoo

Aside from the wonderful learning experience young and adults can acquire from this heavenly place, they also offers such wonderful tummy delights that we can all enjoy! In behalf of my friends from Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite, let me share to you these sweet treats that everyone can enjoy at Paradizoo!

Just before reaching the relaxing and scenic place of Tagaytay City, spare some time to discover other tourist spots in Cavite that you'll surely enjoy.

Paradizoo is a themed park with zoo that is now a known destination in the south. With 10 hectares of land, housing different livestock animals, beautifully colored flower farm and green and leafy vegetable farms, Paradizoo offers yummy treats that I got to enjoy last weekend when I got to see their 1st AgriFestival.

Did you know that you can buy animals and fresh vegetables and fruits here? And they'll guarantee you that all of their products are healthy and safe because they use real organic materials to their soils and they feed their animals organic feeds that come from their farms.

The time we got there, we saw this cute goat ready for milking. I was saddened by how they put her neck on those woods, but according to their caretaker, that's how other farms typically milk their goats, so I was kinda relieved to know that.

The caretaker showed us how to milk a cow and how Paradizoo processed it and readied it for their visitors to drink.

Each bottle of goat's milk cost reasonably good. You can even milk the goat by yourself if you want.

But what surprised us all was when the caretaker told us that they make ice cream out of those goat's milk.

So, yeah, we tried Paradizoo's Goat Ice Cream! Hehe.

With flavors Langka (Jack Fruit) and Pineapple (one of Tagaytay's main products), I can say that it tasted good. The freshness of the fruit ingredients were very tasteful and the ice cream from goat's milk was really sweet, perfect to beat the summer heat at Paradizoo!

You can also buy a bottle of their own cultivated honey at a friendly price! Sweet!

And lastly, the sweet offerings of earth are also available such as cabbages, Chinese cabbages, lettuces and more.

Oh, truly, a paradise with zoo... Paradizoo, you are now one of my favourite places here on the planet!

Happy eating!


  1. Great post, Alex! Paradizoo's ice cream is the LURVE.

  2. Thanks, Nicely! Yeah, that ice cream is the lurve! ^_^


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