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Bistro Filipino: The Taste of Modern Filipino

"I predict, two years from now, Filipino food will be what we will have been talking about for six months." - Andrew Zimmern

That's what I had in mind the moment I stepped inside this very modern Filipino restaurant that has been creating a buzz in the metropolis for years now. Established by husband-and-wife Chef Roland and Chef Jackie Laudico, Bistro Filipino leveled up the taste and look of our beloved Filipino cuisine with their organic, modern and classy touch that has taken exquisite Pinoy flavor into a world-class appeal.

With menu that is made to specifically promote organic Filipino cuisine to the discriminating palette of every Pinoy eater, Bistro Filipino put up a wonderful combination of different dishes from the different regions of our country for everyone to experience - amazing gifts that our land is rich of.

Chilling down a bit from the hot weather outside is a must when you visit Bistro Filipino. But don't relax too much because with their drink called "Sinapak", I'm sure that you and your palette will be awaken from this concocted cocktail, which is composed of watermelon shake, lambanog and aalabat.


If you don't like lamabanog in your drink, don't worry, they'll be delighted to serve you "Sinapak"the light and friendly way. :-)

To fully enjoyed what this modern Filipino cuisine is all about, I suggest that you try their appetizers and soups that come in threes. With threesome flavors that are sure to boost your appetite, you'll definitely fall in love with the rich and unique flavors that Filipino cuisine can give.

Our threesome appetizer that day was composed of Ubod Lumpia, which is a Smoked Etag pork with ubod and spicy granite, Kilawin Carpaccio, which is  a sashimi grade tuna with calamansi emulsion drizzled with virgin coconut oil, and Sisig Basket, which is a pork squid and chicken sisig in crispy rice basket with quail egg shooter.

Trio Appetizers
Ubod Lumpia, Kilawin Carpaccio and Sisig Basket

I must say that it was the most delicious Ubod Lumpia I've ever had. The really flavorful vinegar sorbet was the one that I think made this whole dish really remarkable. The Kilawin Carpaccio  was also good too because the freshness of the Carpaccio that you can really taste once you put this in your mouth was all over this spoonful serving. And as for the Sisig Basket, I'd say that it was a different-tasting sisig. It wasn't that crunchy but the flavor was a burst in the mouth.

Right after that flavorful plate of appetizers, these threesome soups came right after and filled the place with an aroma that were just so heavenly. And so, for our Trio Soup, we had Adobo Mushroom Cappuccino, which is a garlic foam and adobo mushroom saute, Chicken Binakol, which is a native chicken simmered in coconut juice and then served with molo dumplings and the Nilaga Corn Chowder, which is a wagyu beef broth with corn puree and garlic cream foam.

Trio Soup
Adobo Mushroom Cappucino, Chicken Binakol and Nilaga Corn Chowder

I'm a big soup lover, and I'm really thankful that I'm a Filipino, because we all know how we all love sipping hot soup before the main course. And I'm also so glad that here in Bistro Filipino, there are so many options to choose from. OR YOU CAN JUST HAVE IT ALL! Hahaha!

My favorite among the three that I have tasted that day was their Chicken Binakol. :-) The very homey taste and warmth was perfect and worth-savoring.

For some fruit and veggie loving, Bistro Filipino prepared a really sumptuous and organic Filipino salad treat that represents the beautiful province of Guimaras. With three different mangoes in one dish, how could you say no to this?

3 Kinds of Mangoes

This three-kinds-of-mangoes salad was drizzled with Dijon Bagoong Vinaigrette that added a unique, lovely twist to the sweetness and sourness of the mangoes. It look so elegant but the taste was a homey Pinoy that anyone can enjoy.

The homey Pinoy flavor was continued when this Seafood Palabok filled our tables. A mix of crispy bangus with squid adobo, garlic shrimps, quail egg, tinapa flakes, fish chicharon and palabok crab roe, this one is for the goal!

Seafood Palabok

The reason why the noodle is colored yellow was because it is made of squash, and the reason why I love this dish, and I think this is my most favorite among all of the dishes that I've tasted here, is because despite of it being so common and all, Chef Laudico manged to create something that is really organic yet very tasteful and balance! I love how soft the noodles were, how the mix of the saltiness and sweetness of the other ingredients complement to onean other and how small the portion was but it still filled me the right way.

I would want to have another plate, but since we still have two dishes coming up and one dessert plate, I controlled my urged. Hahaha!

These next two plates that were served to us were part of the main entree, and by simply looking at them, I know that these two are gonna be as delicious as that palabok.

Bangus Belly Paksiw

Grilled Kitayama Wagyu Tenderloin in Bistek Onion Sauce
with Blue Cheese Sweet Potato Puree and Organic Vegetables

When I was a child, Paksiw na Bangus was my favorite dish. The sweet and sour taste of the broth of the fish was, for me, to die for me. That Paksiw moment wouldn't be complete without a hot, steaming rice, and here in Bistro Filipino, I was reminded again on how I used to love Paksiw. Chef Laudico's version may be a little classy but I must tell that the taste was remarkably Filipino, from the sauce down to the rice grain, it is a must-have.

As for the Grilled Kitayama Wagyu Tenderloin, it was my first time to eat a Kitayama Wagyu Tenderloin and to my surprise, it was that really, really good. The Blue Cheese Sweet Potato Sauce gave this astonishing balance on the taste, which made me think that kids will love this too!

Our organic Filipino cuisine treat was capped with another threesome combination, but this time, they are all sweet and heavenly Pinoy!

Trio Dessert
Pandesal Pudding, Yema Bicho-Bicho and Sansrival Moderne

Creating a unique twist to Filipino's most love bread, pan de sal, Chef Laudico, brought in this bread and created a soft and moist and really delectable pudding out of it - my favorite among the three, actually. On the other side of the plate was these rounded Yema Bicho-Bicho, which was served with Hot Filipino Chocolate Fondue and Vanilla Ice Cream - my next favorite. And the last but not the least, the Sansrival Modrene, which is layers of cashew meringue served with whipped cream and mango puree. This one was like the Bistro Filipino version of French Macaroons, but better tasting. Hehe.

Chef Jackie, who's been so accommodating and really nice, also served a platter of these truffles and pralines, which to my surprise, had this Pinoy flavors too!

I suggest that you try them for you to be amazed as to how a world-class chocolate or dessert concoction can be a Filipino's thing too! :-)

As a bonus to this wonderful and truly tummy-filling Filipino cuisine appreciation, I get to dine with one of the the Philippine's pride, and my idol, Chef Sandy Daza, who is also an advocate of pushing Filipino cuisine to be a known Asian dish.

Chef Sandy Daza

Nice meeting you, sir!

This by far the most unforgettable Filipino dining experience that I've ever had. And even though I was not with my family during the course of this lunch, I certainly felt that lovely Filipino-homey accommodation that I'm used to through the company of the Laudicos.

Thank you, Chef Jackie and Roland! It was a real pleasure tasting all you wonderful dishes!
Happy eating, everyone! Happy eating Filipino cuisine! :-)

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