Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Affordable Dinner Meals by Figaro Coffee Company

During rainy season, one of the many employee problems, who spent most of his nights in the office, that I encounter was where to eat dinner. I'm a mid-shift worker, and during night, this is one of the many questions I have to resolve. Well, there are a lot of fast food chain around our area, but of course, there are nights that I wants something homey, something like a home-cooked meal, and to honest, it is hard to find those kind of meals if you are stuck in a place far from the mall area.

Thank goodness, my problem was answered deliciously last week when I found out that Figaro Coffee Company now offers delectable and really affordable complete Dinner Meals for everyone!

There are four appetizing dishes to choose from - the Chicken Rice Bake, the Tofu Steak Rice, which are already old-timers, and the new dishes - the Crusted Dory Fillet in Creamy Pesto Sauce and Rice Pilaf, and Pan-Seared Chicken Barbecue with Java Rice.

With its serving size, colors and aroma, I must say that my Php150.00 had already got it value. And when I got to taste them, well, it was just perfect for a rainy night!

Pan-Seared Chicken Barbecue with Java Rice - Php150.00

The steaming rice and the well-cooked meat of the Chicken Barbecue (which is the first dish that I go to try from this batch) was just perfect to satisfy my late night hunger. The dish comes along with steamed veggies, which balanced the whole "healthy" aspect of this meal.

Crusted Dory Fillet in Creamy Pesto Sauce - Php150.00

As for the Crusted Dory Fillet in Creamy Pesto Sauce (the second dish that I got to taste from this batch), it was really comforting and homey. The nice crunch from the Crusted Drry Fillet added fun and excitement to this whole plate. Add some twist on the taste by putting pesto sauce, and I'm sure, people who doesn't eat meat will love this one too!

All Dinner Meals comes with a 12-ounce glass of lemonade, so they are really good deals!

And since these meals are quite affordable, I guess it wouldn't hurt if you have some desserts! And by desserts I mean, those luscious cakes made by Figaro Coffee Company!

They two new cakes now, the Carrot Cake and the range Coffee Cake.

Orange Coffee Cake - Php105.00/slice

For this rainy season, I suggest that you have their Orange Coffee Cake, a perfect partner of a cup of Figaro's original blend brewed coffee, this one contains that zesty orange flavor complimented well by the bittersweet coffee flavor crumbs.

Carrot Cake - Php105.00/slice

But if you want something a little sweeter, this nutty and shredded-carrot filled cake might just be the one for you. With its creamy sweetness, I'm sure that you wouldn't be leaving Figaro without a smile in your lips.

So, if you a corporate slave like me, and you wanna give justice to you hard-earned money, then have a sumptuous, homey and tummy-filling dinner meals here at Figaro. Who knows, the sweetness that you take from the desserts might reflect on your work and you'll get promoted. :-)

Happy eating, everyone!

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