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The Red Crab Series: Blackbeard's Seafood Island - Alabang Town Center

Ahoy there! Last week, I and my foodie friends went down south of the metro to experience a unique, beach-like dining experience. We went to one of The Red Crab's themed restaurants, Blackbeard's Seafood Island at Alabang Town Center, to feel what its like to feast the pirate way. And oh, boy, they did steal our hearts and filled our tummies!

Blackbeards' Seafood Island is one of the themed restaurants of The Red Crab chain of restaurants. This one caters to seafood, so if you are looking for  nice place - relaxing and has a very welcoming ambiance - this one is the perfect place to hit and to enjoy some luau dinner party with family and friends. I believe it has branches all over the metro now, so it'll be easy for everybody to escape the busy life of the metropolis and hit the beach-like atmosphere of this place.

Upon taking our seat, we were handed with their menu list for our ordered. I ordered a watermelon shake, since I think that was the most perfect drink for this whole gastronomic adventure.

And to start off our sail here at Seafood Island, we had their famous pica pica (finger food) Pinoy Nachos.

Pinoy Nachos - Php165.00

Pinoy Nachos is consisted of fried dumpling wrappers, cubed sweet mangoes, guacamole, onions, strips of dried squids, topped with sweet and spicy vinegar dressing.

After that, a great wave of seafood started filling our table. We had Crispy Sisig con Bagnet, Tuna and Crabmeat Sisig, Garlic and Cheese Overload Oysters and Prawns in Butter Garlic.

Crispy Sisig con Bagnet - Php195.00

Tuna and Crabmeat Sisig - Php250.00

Garlic and Cheese Overload Oysters - Php295.00

Prawns in Butter Garlic - Php425.00

I'm a little "maarte" when it comes to sisig, really. And despite that I'm already settled with from who and what sisig I like the best, I was surprised to know that when I tasted Island Seafood's version of pork sisig, it was really delicious! So now I'm confused as to what I like the best. Hahaha! I think it is rightful to say that I will not settle for only one best anymore. Hehe.

Another lovely dish that I like from this bunch is their Garlic and Cheese Overload Oyster. The play on flavors and spices were really good, and that having one plate of this dish is not enough.

As for the Tuna and Crabmeat Sisig and Prawns in Butter Garlic, they are just so-so for me. The Tuna and Crabmeat Sisig was too spicy for my palette that I didn't enjoy it that much, and as for the Prawns in Butter Garlic, the taste was good, but I find it ordinary.

This charming place also offers delectable soups and vegetables dishes that I really enjoyed. For a steamy hot soup, we had the San Mig Clams, then we ordered their very own version of Crispy Dinuguan Classic, and for the vegetable dish, we had their  Pakbet de Vigan with Bagnet and Ensaladang Urdaneta.

San Mig Clams - Php145.00

Crispy Dinuguan Classic - Php290.00

Pakbet de Vigan with Bagnet - Php240.00

Ensladang Urdaneta - Php175.00

A little FYI, the night before this food trip, I had one of the best Crispy Dinuguan I had in my life, and I didn't expect that this colorful place offers the same dish but with a different execution. The one that I had the night before was a dry dinuguan, perfect match to a cold bottle of beer. While this one, as you noticed is a little soupy. I'd say that both are good in their respective rights because this place's version of Dinuguan is perfect to go with steamy white rice, and I'm honestly saying that it was my favorite dish from them all.

As for the San Mig Clams, if you  are up for some unique tasting dish, you gotta try this one because the awesome combination of clam broth and the San Miguel Beer was really kicking - and kicking I mean, surprising combination yet very enjoyable to have.

The Pakbet de Vigan with Bagnet was one dish that I found so homey and comforting. I've just been to Ilocandia once, and I really fell in love with the place and their world-class dishes. This is really a must-try here at Blackbeard's Seafood Island.

And lastly, the Ensaladang Urdaneta made a homerun with its very casual and so rural appeal. It made us eat with our bare hands, and we all enjoyed it! Hahaha!

Aside, from those delicious and mouthwatering dishes, Seafood Island offers more delectable servings that we really, really enjoyed. And I believe, kids will also enjoy these:

Pork Barbeque - Php220.00 (5 pieces)

And for more meat love, they also prepared a pork dish that will make you eat more! Hahaha! Just read the name. ^_^

Let's do the Liempo - Php185.00

But if you really wanna embody the beach atmosphere of this place, I think there's no better way than to have their one of the best dishes - Steamed Lapu lapu. 

Lapu lapu - Php999.00 (medium) 
                - Php1399.00 (large)

If you are coming here with your family or with a huge group of friends, I suggest that you try their Samplers and Boodles for a more enjoyable and pocket-friendly experience.

Sampler de Grande - Php685.00

This one goes with black marlin, prawns, lumot, tahong, crabs, liempo, ensaladang mangga and salted egg - a collection of Seafood Island's best!

But if you think that's not, well, I guess, the Tali Beach Boodle is the perfect choice for you!

Tali Beach Boodle - Php1150.00

Served in a miniature raft, that made the heads of the other guests turned, is a mountain of steaming white rice surrounded by seafood like tahong, crabs, some hanging prawns, skewed grilled chickens, tilapia, tomatoes, squid and liempo, and then some fresh tropical fruits like watermelon and green mangoes.

Oh, this place is like a seafood heaven - if there's such place. Hehehe.

But of course, any food adventure, may it be up in the air, or in this case, under the sea, wouldn't be complete without the desserts. And for our finale, we had their group-friendly offering, the 2nd Floor!

2nd Floor - Php320.00

Five kinds of undeniably delicious treats were served to us to fill the gaps between our sweet teeth. There's the Banana Wrap (Turon), Palitaw, Fried Suman with Mangga and Pirate's Banoffee and a cocktail glass of Vanilla Ice Cream.

Yum was the only word I said during this course. And as I'm typing these blog, I can't help but to drool. Hahaha! I just love desserts!

Thanks to their very talented chef, Chef John Paul Sentero for filling our tummies with nothing but the best dishes that his place could offer! More power to you, chef!

And to Blackbeard's Seafood Island and The Red Crab, thank you very much for sharing to us a wonderful experience that we will treasure forever! You never fail to give us quality food! More power to all of you!

Happy eating guys!

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