Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Larry & Mau Diner: A Combination of Good Food and Affordability

Nowadays, finding good food is so easy. There are literally good food everywhere, most specially here in the metro, sprouting in almost every corner of this crowded place. And I'm sure that just like me, one of the many problems you're encountering every meal hour is where to eat. Well, here's another place to try - Larry  & Mau Diner - a place not just far from the crowd but also offering the most delicious affordable meals that you could find in this crazy city.

Located at ground floor of the quiet Two E-com Center, Mall of Asia Complex in Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay City, this almost newly opened diner offers affordable dishes food for two from the food and business partners Larry Cortez and Mauro Arjona Jr.

Larry Cortez and Mauro Arjona Jr. are the men behind the famous Chefs’ Quarter Restaurant, Beurre Blanc Restaurant and Wine Bar, Old Vine Grille, Kuse Traditional Filipino Cuisine and Uncle Cheffy’s Brick Oven Global Cuisine, so there's really no doubt about the quality of food that they are offering here.

Going back, on my first-ever visit on this hip and kinda fast food chain-ish diner, I was welcomed by these feel good messages. I find it really comforting to see such messages, that's why I didn't waste much time and find a comfortable spot to dine- right in front of the counter. ^_^

This foodie adventure was actually a treat to me by the editor of, Jeman Villanueva, so thank you again, Jeman! Wahihihi.

Larry & Mau  is open 24 hours a day, with dishes for lunch, dinner, breakfast and snack Time - afternoon and midnight snack time, that is. And their cuisines are ranging from Filipino, Spanish, French to American, so I'm pretty sure that you'll be more than please to dine here.

Okay, so for starter, we ordered this bowl of potato wedges, but here in Larry & Mau they just call them their French fries - BIG FRENCH FRIES! Hahaha!

French Fries - Php45.00 (regular) Php75.00 (large)

If you love Wendy's French fries, well, these wedges have the same texture and softness as those of from Wendy's so, yeah, I enjoyed munching them.

For some pasta lovin', they have three kinds here, the Creamy Carbonara, All-Meat Pomodoro and Seafood Marinara. That night, we just tried two of them, and I must say that their pastas were really good. Well, at least for me.

Creamy Carbonara - Php89.00

All-Meat Pomodoro - Php89.00

I'm a huge carbonara lover, but when I had their pomodoro, I never thought that I will love it more that their carbonara. The creaminess and richness of flavor were really lovely. I would want to get another bowl, but a bowl was really enough to fill a super hungry stomach like mine that night.

For some heavier options, well, there's their torta or omelette, which comes in five unique different flavors, the pork afritada, chicken adobo, spiced pork and eggplant, corn-beef and potatoes and tuna and cheese melt.

Tuna and Cheese Melt - Php95.00

As you can see, every order of this torta comes with two pieces of bread and salsa. Of course, this dish is perfect for breakfast, but since here in the Philippines, where breakfast meals are good til late at night, these tortas are also good when paired with rice. :-)

Lastly, the last dish that I got to enjoy from Larry & Mau was this one that is under their French selection. They call it Le Paillard  or Flattened Meat

Beef Paillard - Php149.00

Though, it wasn't really that flat meat, I enjoyed it because it was really juicy and the flavor was just right on my lingering palette! And also, this meal goes with unlimited rice and sauce! I like!

I heard that they also have huge burgers here, so I guess there more reason for me to go back here in Larry & Mau DinerI just  that wish they won't raise their prices anytime soon! :-)

Happy eating!

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