Monday, May 27, 2013

Zarzuela: No Dancing, Just Eating

To most of us, when we heard of the term Zarzuela, the first thing that comes to our mind is the stage play brought to us by Spaniards way back when. But today, as EDSA Shangri-La Mall opens its new wing, they are giving Zarzuela a new meaning, something that will take us back to our first love - Filipino food - while treating to us a classy service and ambiance enough to say it's more fun in the Philippines!

A few days back, I was invited by a friend to join her on a lunch in this new place called Zarzuela. It is located at the 6th level of the newly opened wing of Shangri-La Mall in EDSA. And since I haven't been to this so-called posh wing, which is the East Wing, I said yes with my palette ready to do some adventure!

Reminding of that one restaurant scene from the TV show Sex and the City, Zarzuela imbibes this modern, minimalist look that has this sexy and purist appeal that glistens under the morning sun. It you're going to ask me, I think this is a nice place to start your day. With its simple yet beautiful fixture, Zarzuela takes a modern approach to its name making more elegant and chic at the same time.

And despite of it being in a soft opening that time, my overall experience here was good and worth it. The place is more of a fine-dining restaurant, so expect some pricey dishes, but on the other hand, the serving size are mostly good enough for two person, so yeah, its quite fair enough.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Electrolux Philippines' Discover-E Goes to Quezon Province! (Day 2)

Our second day here in Quezon Province was unexpectedly more relaxing but still filling than what we've thought. And if our food discovery from the first day were more homey and comforting, these food finds that we had on the second day of Electrolux Discover-E Quezon Province leg, well, they are more of sophisticated or classy in a way that these are presented in "sossy" way. Hihihi.

After having a hefty breakfast at Queen Margatette Hotel in Lucena City, which is mostly composed of Lucban Longganisa and fried rice, the group pushed to our next destination for this gastronomic adventure worth-sharing! Are you ready for some Discover-E?

A place that at first glance will immediately make your heart skip a beat through its vibrant color that is brought by its bricked walls, UGU Bigyan Pottery Garden is located at the innermost part of the town of Tiaong, peacefully hidden in its sanctuary of amazing art pieces and wonderfully crafted pots.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Electrolux Philippines' Discover-E Goes to Quezon Province! (Day 1)

Last week was definitely the best week I had in Quezon Province - from experiencing one of the most colorful festivals in the land again, the Pahiyas Festival, to indulging on those simple yet remarkable Quezon delicacies that seriously I'm not aware of, Quezon Province is surely a foodie destination worth discovering!

When was the last time you've been to Quezon? Come and join us on this amazing and filling "Discover-E"!

Quezon Province is named after one of the country's greatest president, Manuel Luis Quezon. Settled on the foot of Mt. Banahaw, a mountain known for its spiritual mysticism, no wonder that aside from the religious people from this province, the whole place is also gifted with bountifulness that they celebrate during Pahiyas Festival.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Eats Summer at Julie's Bakeshop!

I know that summer is one season to get fit and sexy, but I bet you, with the latest summer treats from the country's trusted bakeshop, Julie's Bakeshop, you'll forget about going fit and instead you'll just settle with that invigorating sweet summer flavor and colorful look of their latest pastries.

To most of us, summer time is bonding time, this is the season when family and friends went out to enjoy the brighter and colorful vibe of this season. From weekends of get-togethers to company out-of-town trips, one thing that is always a part of these gatherings, and that is good food.

And this time, the Philippines’ leading bakeshop chain, Julie’s Bakeshop, has come up with five new summer baked goodies that are surely delightful in colorful, energy-giving and completely affordable!

And last week, as they invited yours truly to try these delicious and summer-y treats, I was surprised to see how fun-looking they are how affordable really they are! And I'm sure that everyone will love these just the way I loved them that afternoon!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tuesday Habit at Stackers Burger Cafe

If there's one burger-lover habit that I wouldn't mind doing every single day, even on holidays, this might be it! With the juicy, crispy and truly filling treat that Stackers Burger Cafe is offering every Tuesday of this month, this is the best so far that I believe every burger-lover MUST not let it pass - most specially because this Penthouse Burger is at 50% OFF!!!

You've read it very right! All Tuesdays of the month of May, as their anniversary treat, Stackers Burger Cafe  is offering a 50% discount on their tallest and yummiest burger - The Penthouse Burger! A treat you wouldn't  wanna miss, this anniversary blowout offering is available in all of their 5 branches in the metropolis, namely Eastwood City Walk, Metrowalk, The Venice Piazza, Alabang Town Center and Resorts World Manila's Newport Mall.

And yesterday, Tuesday, I had the most amazing and filling lunch here together with some friends that added more fun while munching on this towering burger! If you think I muster to put this tower down by myself, YOU ARE VERY WRONG! Hahaha!

Monday, May 6, 2013

My First Bite on Chops Chicago Steakhouse

I've been working in Makati City for many years now and I've been hearing a lot of good things about this steak place here in Greenbelt 5 for more than a year already, and finally - FINALLY! - I had the chance to sunk my fangs on their delicious offerings! And guess what, if you think this place is quite expensive, wait till you hear about their Matinee Lunch offering!

Last week, before I satisfy my cravings to the sumptuous and lip-smacking lechons of Cebu, I had a great chance to enjoy the cozy place of Chops Chicago Steakhouse, which is located at the 4th Level of Greenbelt 5 in Ayala Center, Makati City. I was able to indulge on their juicy and chewy and good-tasting steaks that are uninmagineable pocket-friendly price!

Chops Chicago Steakhouse made it to the mouth of every carnivore in town almost a year ago when it started offering their delectable and truly heavenly steaks. Though their area is kinda posh, I can assure you that since I got a chance to try their offerings last week, the price of their Matinee offering is really affordable and worthy of every hard-earned money.
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