Thursday, May 9, 2013

Eats Summer at Julie's Bakeshop!

I know that summer is one season to get fit and sexy, but I bet you, with the latest summer treats from the country's trusted bakeshop, Julie's Bakeshop, you'll forget about going fit and instead you'll just settle with that invigorating sweet summer flavor and colorful look of their latest pastries.

To most of us, summer time is bonding time, this is the season when family and friends went out to enjoy the brighter and colorful vibe of this season. From weekends of get-togethers to company out-of-town trips, one thing that is always a part of these gatherings, and that is good food.

And this time, the Philippines’ leading bakeshop chain, Julie’s Bakeshop, has come up with five new summer baked goodies that are surely delightful in colorful, energy-giving and completely affordable!

And last week, as they invited yours truly to try these delicious and summer-y treats, I was surprised to see how fun-looking they are how affordable really they are! And I'm sure that everyone will love these just the way I loved them that afternoon!

For cupcake lovers, find delight delight in their Rainbow Cupcake creations that are topped with four tropical flavors - pineapple, strawberry, buko pandan and ube, sprinkled with colorful confetti sugar.

Rainbow Cupcake  - Php12.00/piece
                                            - Php75.00/pack of 6

I must say that this is the best among the rest! The sweet flavorful icings on top of those moist cupcakes are the love! And with a price like that, it was just so amazing that they afford to sell them on that price! Two-thumbs up for this, Julie's Bakeshop!

But these cupcakes seem not enough for you, don't worry, because Julie's also prepared a 6-inch Rainbow Round Cake that is made of butter chiffon with festive red, yellow, and green layers and coated in creamy whipped cream.

Rainbow Round Cake - Php160.00
                                                   - Php45.00/slice

For kids, who just love fun in their food, these soft round sandwich puffs called Yummy Yoyos that come in varieties of orange, buko pandan, pineapple and strawberry are gonna be awesome for some food decorating activities, which can enhance their creativity. All varieties have powdered sugar in between to add more sweetness to this cute and colorful sandwiches.

Yummy Yoyos - Php5.00

Another great treat for kids, specially for little girls, are these  flower-shaped delights called Fruit-Filled Breads. Ready to burst more fun and excitement this summer, Fruit-Filled Breads come in guava, mango, and pineapple flavors.

Fruit-Filled Bread - Php7.00

Lastly, for a classic Filipino snack that young and adult can enjoy this summer season, Julie’s Bakeshop's delicious Empanada are ready to fill our tummies with flavorful chicken meat, which is best eaten hot and paired with an ice-cold beverage.

Empanada - Php8.00

Truly, with these newest treats from Julie’s Bakeshop, summer snacking is now more fun, colorful and yummy perfect to share to family and friends! These baked goodies are now available at all Julie’s Bakeshop branches nationwide. 

For more information regarding Julie’s Bakeshop Summer Breads, visit their Facebook account (, follow them on Twitter (@JuliesBakeshop1) and also on Instagram (@JuliesBakeshop).

'Tis the season to enjoy color and fun, and watch better way to do that eat! Lafang na!

Happy summer and happy eating, everyone!

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