Thursday, December 29, 2011

Boracay: Aria Gelato Italian Ice Cream

I know that one of the greatest reasons why we keep visiting Boracay, world’s top 4 destinations, is because we wanna experience the heat of the sun in a very good and enjoyable way. But did you know that enjoying the sun in a very “cool” way is so easy to do too here? And it comes with the word “delicious” too! Two words, Aria Gelato.

When I got to visit Boracay, I didn’t have the most ideal weather back then. There were a lot of times that it was cloudy, and there were those that the sun is shining the brightest. And during those times that the sun is shining the brightest, I took the opportunity to have a delectable and heat-beating gelato that you could find on the island.

Gelato has been a household name for years now, and in Boracay, you can have some by juts visiting the mini spot of Aria, which is located at the D Mall, Station 2.

Though the price may be a little high compared as how much can we have a gelato here in Manila, but heck, who cares? Gelato while walking on the white sand of Boracay under its bright sunny sun means one thing for me that day, SUMMER!

And I love summer!

Aria offers a dozen of flavours that young and adult can enjoy. I had a cone of pistachio that day, and God, it was just perfect! Hahaha!

I guess that it’s really up to us if we wanna enjoy the place that we are in, and in my case, I managed to enjoy Boracay with its unpredictable weather by the help of this cone of gelato from Aria!

I love you, Boracay and Aria! And I promised to be back for more! Hahaha!

Happy eating!

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  1. Hi Alex,

    Good to know you love our pistachio gelato! We posted your blog on our Facebook page. Thanks a lot for showing your support. Hope to see you in Boracay soon.



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