Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Afternoon Snack at Big B, Maginhawa Street

My last stop for the Food Panda Maginhawa Food Crawl speaks nothing but BIG. Big in surprise and big in flavor, Big B offers to us their amazing burger snacks that come in quarter, half and one-pounder size. A food joint that came from a simple idea, Big B is indeed one of the hottest places along Maginhawa Street in Quezon City when you speak of burgers.

This straight-forward, no hanky-panky store has its first store here at #44-B Magiting Street, Teacher's Village, Quezon City, just a stone-throw away from the famous food street of Maginhawa.

Food blogger with the young owners of Big B
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Big B started as a burger joint inside UP campus a few years back, but when the young owners Joelle Luviengco, Eric Galvis and Pibo Pagadion thought of going serious about it, they leased a space here in Magiting Street and started making the best out of it.

Lunch at Homies, Maginahawa Street

As the Food Panda Maginahawa Food Crawl journey continues, after our colorful visit at Katz Diner and short but sweet peek at Casa Quesadilla, the group pushes through our next destination. And despite of feeling the weight brought about by the first two food joints, there's something about Homies that we could not resist. And yes, we want more rice!

Located at #51-C Magiting Street, U.P. Village, Quezon City, just around Maginhawa Street, Homies, which is famous for its Pinoy Fried Chicken, served our lunch destination for this first-ever Food Panda Maginhawa Food Crawl.

Food blogger with the owner of Homies
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They say this place is famous for college students due to its homey feel and home-cooked meals - and I agree with those kids. Upon arriving at this small but cozy place, I already sensed its inviting ambiance - aside from some jokes and fun they have prepared for their guests - there's something that one would about this place and make him/her eat a lot. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Morning Snack at Casa Quesadilla, Maginhawa Street

A few minutes after we "somehow" digest the amazing all-day breakfast offerings of Katz Diner, our Food Panda Maginhawa Food Crawl group pushed on to our next destination. What I thought would be our "lunch destination" happens to be just our morning snack destination - surprise!

Plastered with yellow, green and red stripes, our morning was made more colorful and festive as we partake the Mexican offerings of Casa Quesadilla at #176 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. Nacho Libre ain't here but they got free Ultimate Nachos here, so yay!

Food blogger with the Filipino owners of Casa Quesadilla
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A perfect spot for some Mexican bingeing, Casa Quesadilla is probably the one of the most affordable Mexican joint that anyone could find around the metro. With Mexican delights such as quesadillas, tacos, burritos, nachos and fries, Casa Quesadilla boasts with some modern yet simple take on Mexican food that anyone could enjoy.

Breakfast at Katz Diner, Maginhawa Street

Last year, I wish to have more time to explore the metropolis' best foodie places, and God is so good hearing my prayers letting me not just to explore but to indulge on the amazing dishes the metro has to offer. Special thank to Food Panda for hosting a super feeling "Food Crawl" at Quezon City's food haven, Maginhawa Street - one of the best that I've been to this year!

It was fine Saturday morning when we had the very first Food Panda Maginhaw Food Crawl. With a number of food bloggers with me, we explored the friendly neighborhood of Maginhawa Street, which is now famous for affordable, delectable and unique dishes.

We were schedule to have breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner that day, but since I have an appointment that night, I got to join the team until the second snack only, nonetheless, I left Maginhawa so full and so happy due to the fun bunch I'm with.

Food Bloggers with the owners of Katz Diner
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For our breakfast, the very first food joint that we got to visit, and one of Food Panda's newest affiliate is this place called Katz Diner.

It's Paris, it's Seoul, it's Le Miel Cafe et Patisserie

It feels like having some unique South Korean desserts in Paris or having those heart-warming Parisian sweets in South Korea - either way, the fusion of these two elegant but lovely cities are too visible in this new patisserie that you could only find at the heart of Greenfield District, the Le Miel Cafe et Patisserie.

An idea brought to life by husband and wife John (Filipino) and Chef Gayeon (Korean), Le Miel offers a fusion of the two loveliest cities in the world over some hot cappuccino and sweet cakes. It's interior that resembles a Korean bakery will welcome everyone with such class but homey feel.

Freshly baked panizza and some bagels and bagets are on display inviting everyone to peak in. Over the counter, there some imported chocolate and teas that you could try while dining in or you could simple buy and take them home.

Monday, December 22, 2014

That Tasty Shade of Brown's

Just when you thought you've been to almost all of the best all-day breakfast restaurants in the metro, here comes an establishment that offers more than it's earthly color. More inviting and more delectable as you could imagine, Greenfield District takes pride of Brown's Restaurant for its themed store that will give their guest a cozy, filling and enjoyable experience that they would love to do over and over again.

Brown's Restaurant is nestled at the very heart of what used to be an old jeepney terminal, The Portal. A place that offers a variety of food shops that you can enjoy and indulge on your visit here at Greenfield District all day. From breakfast, lunch and dinner, they made sure that we'll find the right spot for us to enjoy their lush greenery in the morning and amazing and lovely events at night.

The day I visited Brown's Restaurant, everything looks in place, but one of the owners who was there that time told us that they are still in a soft launch, so he informed us that our order may take some time, but he'll make sure that everything will be delicious and enjoyable.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Persia at the heart of Greenfield District

Who would've thought that an old and rusty jeepney terminal and market could turn into something lush, green and delightful food and events' place ready to in vibe positivism to its guests and passerbys? I didn't. But I'm glad that I finally had a time to see and experience one of the most talked about places in the metro now - the Greenfield District.

Located at the heart of Mandaluyong City, and basically of EDSA, lies this newly renovated spot that speaks of peacefulness in the morning and captivating party spot at night. Greenfield District is the new face of EDSA Central and is currently housing a dozen of new food and beverage establishments that are ready to satiate our cravings and fill our soul with wonderful offerings that will make us come back for more.

It was upon the invitation of the Greenfield District management that I had a chance to visit the whole lot, actually, to see and to try their newly opened food spots, and one of them is this Habib Persian Cuisine

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My First Tokyo Tonteki Bite

It was October of 2013 when this  Japanese restaurant first opened its doors to its Filipino customers. Originally from Shibuya, Japan, Tokyo Tonteki was brought to us by its brainchild Shusasu Namikawa, a Japanese native whose love for tender pork loin steak (tonteki in Japanese) has grown so big that it is set to conquer Asia and the world.

Here in the Philippines, Tokyo Tonteki opened its second store at Greenbelt 5 last October. With the same aim of satisfying its customer through its world-class Japanese dishes, led by its famous Tonteki sets, Tokyo Tonteki is ready to fill one's craving and hunger for Japanese dishes at a very reasonable price.

And without further much ado, let the sharing begin as I take you all to the wonderful but simple and pleasant world of Tokyo Tonteki.
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