Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's Paris, it's Seoul, it's Le Miel Cafe et Patisserie

It feels like having some unique South Korean desserts in Paris or having those heart-warming Parisian sweets in South Korea - either way, the fusion of these two elegant but lovely cities are too visible in this new patisserie that you could only find at the heart of Greenfield District, the Le Miel Cafe et Patisserie.

An idea brought to life by husband and wife John (Filipino) and Chef Gayeon (Korean), Le Miel offers a fusion of the two loveliest cities in the world over some hot cappuccino and sweet cakes. It's interior that resembles a Korean bakery will welcome everyone with such class but homey feel.

Freshly baked panizza and some bagels and bagets are on display inviting everyone to peak in. Over the counter, there some imported chocolate and teas that you could try while dining in or you could simple buy and take them home.

A wonderful display of cakes are available for quick orders, while some other dishes are listed on their menu. From sweets, cakes, snow cones and all-day brunch meals, Le Miel is ready to satiate one's craving over some delectable yet guilt-free desserts, which are mostly good enough for two.

If you are coming around morning or afternoon, order some cappuccino first. We were surprised and delighted to see how creative their cappuccinos are. According to John, you can make a request for your desired design, but of course, the element of surprise is something to watch out for here at Le Miel.

Cappuccino - Php120.00/cup

The aroma of the freshly brewed coffee succumbed the place, and so, as to not kill the excitement, John started sharing to us their best of the bests starting with these two contrasting desserts, the Gateau Fudge Chocolat and Lemon Tart.

Gateau Fudge Chocolat and Lemon Tart

A flour-less,100% pure Belgian Chocolate cake, Gateau Fudge is a slice of heaven place over this granite plate while sitting right next to what seems to be a ray of sun shine, the Lemon Tart. A perfect way to start your gastronomic adventure here, these two when eaten one scoop at a time is like a free round trip from Paris to Seoul and back. 

The moisture of the chocolate fudge was balanced nicely by the thickness of the lemon and its tangy flavor.
If you want something that is meticulously done, these stack of 5 different chocolates, which they collectively call Le Petite Antonie, is the perfect dessert that you should sunk in your sweet tooth. Topped with gold dot that adds elegance and style to it, Le Petite Antonie is another masterpiece that you must try here. 

Le Petite Antonie

From something chocolate-y to something fruity, Le Miel's Charlotte aux Fruits Rouges is the perfect piece for your afternoon tea time with family and friends.

Charlotte aux Fruits Rouges

Also perfect for the coming New Year celebrations, this cake is served in slices and in an 8-inch whole cake. The soft crust, which is made of biscuit, holds the luscious chiffon layers, which are stick together by flavorful custard filling, then topped with berries that are so hard to resist.

For more red cakes, Le Miel has its version of Red Velvet cake, which is a must try too.

Red Velvet Cake

But if you are one of those brave souls who still prefer cold desserts - and by cold I mean shaved ice, which is a popular Korean dessert, Le Miel offers Bingsu in three amazing flavors.

Very Berry Bingsu (Php160.00), Green Mountain Bingsu (Php140.00)
and  Classic Bingsu (Php130.00)

Just make sure that you are with someone, at least, because they serve their Bungsu in these huge cup, which almost good for 3 to 4 persons. If you are after some fruity and zesty flavors, try the Very Berry, if you want something healthy tasting the Green Mountain or Matcha with black beans and chips is the must-try, and if you want subtle tasting Bingsu, the Classic flavor is just enough.

If you are looking for new a place to try this Holiday weekend, Le Miel is worth the visit. The refreshing ambiance that their place offers and the appetizing pastries, cakes and drinks that are worth every peso are just some of the reasons you should check out from them.

Happy Holidays! Happy eating!

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