Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bizu Celebrates 10 Years with Joie de Vivre

In every relationship that stays for a week, for a month, or for a year, we celebrate. We do that not just to look back at the memories we had, but also to welcome the many more glorious days or years that are coming.

And in celebration of one of most love pattisseries, Bizu Patisserie and Cafe invites everyone who loves happiness and photography at same time to join their 10th year anniversary photo contest. With 6 categories to join in to, this exciting contest is open to professional and amateur photographers. And it will run from August 15th to October 31st of this year.

I was one of the selected food bloggers who were invited to join their Bloggers' Night, which was held at Greenbelt 2 a few days ago and on that night we were treated to Joie de Vivre night that we didn't expect.

The sweet party started with a registration where each of us was given a Kodak disposable camera to use to capture the night's fun and excitement.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BonChon Chicken: Chicken of the Year!

Though, it wasn't my first time to try these addictive chicken, receiving an invitation to dine with my fellow bloggers is a big yes-yes to me. And you'll know why it is hard to resist such an invitation once you get to taste BonChon Chicken.

BonChon Chicken has been a household name when it comes to tasty cooked chicken since it open its doors last year. With its branches slowly sprawling around the metropolis, the fanbase of this delectable cooked chicken brand gets bigger and bigger as everyone gets a chance to taste their yummy treats, which is originally from the U.S.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hyphy's: A 'Frisco-Pinoy Fusion by Chef Bruce Lim

I've seen and met Chef Bruce Lim a lot of times before. But during those meetings and small talks I had with him, I really didn't know or even sense that this in-demand celebrity chef is actually from San Francisco -  a place that honed his culinary expertise.

Yes, Chef Bruce Lim hails from San Francisco, a place so dear to him that he brought a piece of it to Manila through the sumptuous offerings of his latest restaurant Hyphy's.

Pronounced as 'high-fees', this latest hyped and tummy-filling food den can be found at the Veranda of Robinson's Galleria. And with a price a little less than Chef Bruce's other restaurant, Chef's Table, you'll surely give the great chef a high-five!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Venice Piazza's The Great Market

Yuletide season is fast approaching, and with every metropolis human being getting so busy and all, the time left for them to enjoy one hearty meal is at night - some are on midnight. That's why Venice Piazza Mall came up with something so classy, so European yet so Pinoy when it comes to prices and flavors with launch of The Great Market.

In partnership with Megaworld's Venice Piazza, Merseville, The Great Market's organizer, brought up this one-stop place that will give great value to your money with their unique and world-class offerings that you will surely fill your tummies.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Iloilo's Tatoy's Manokan

Ilolo, aside from it wonderful history and amazing tourist spots, is also popular all over globe for its tasty dishes. And if you are heading to Iloilo and still dunno where to eat, well, you shouldn't forget to include in your itinerary a place where every dish seemed so affordable - Tatoy's Manokan!

Tatoy's Manokan is Iloilo's version of "paluto" or the Seaside that we have here in Metro Manila. With its wide selection of pork, beef, seafood and vegetable dishes that you can order, Tatoy's Manokoan is the perfect answer to those Iloilo dishes' cravings.

When we arrived in Iloilo, Tatoy's has been one of our top priorities to visit. We've heard a lot of great things about the place, so missing it is a big mistake.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Iloilo's Ted's Oldtimer La Paz Batchoy

Waking up on a cold Saturday morning  in Iloilo City is probably one of the best things I enjoyed when I visited this humble province. The traffic-less weekend morning, the cool breeze and the warm morning smiles that I noticed on every face that I saw that morning,  only one thing left to finally call it a great morning.... The hot and delicious La Paz Batchoy!

I know there'll be some of you who will disagree with me on this. And I know that there'll be some who would say that there are far more better places to enjoy this world-famous Iloilo dish, but I guess, for a first-time visitor like me, trying this sumptuous dish at Ted's is enough to say that it is indeed a world-class dish.

Ted's Oldtimer La Paz Batchoy is said to be one of the best La Paz Batchoy-base food establishments in Iloilo. And with their wide variety of this dish, I have no doubt that most of my friends who've been here suggested me this place instead.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chef's Table - And the 27 Dishes I had in One Day!

With a lot of fine-dining restaurants sprouting everywhere, how do you choose which one suits you best? Would you like to have Italian, French, American or our very won Filipino cuisine? If you are geared up for some high-standard, exquisitely designed spot where you can have a perfect view of the chef who's been so busy preparing your favorite Filipino dishes, the place is called Chef's Table.

Located at the The Fort, Taguig City, I had one of the most memorable dining experiences of my life! Yes, I had 27 dishes at Chef Bruce Lim's Chef Table! ^_^

I was invited  few days ago to check out this place, and what I thought would a formal luncheon turned out to be a hearty, tummy-filling and feast-like treat that my tummy and heart really, REALLY enjoyed.

The Chef's Table has this geometrical (masculine, as some would like to call it) interior that highlights not only the pleasing chef's tables placed inside this two-level spot but also the huge chef's kitchen that will boost your appetite and will excite you as you watch your ordered dishes prepared. The sight was very inviting, really, with every spot as shiny as our favorite car, Chef's Table is simply an indulgence even to our keen eyes.
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