Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hyphy's: A 'Frisco-Pinoy Fusion by Chef Bruce Lim

I've seen and met Chef Bruce Lim a lot of times before. But during those meetings and small talks I had with him, I really didn't know or even sense that this in-demand celebrity chef is actually from San Francisco -  a place that honed his culinary expertise.

Yes, Chef Bruce Lim hails from San Francisco, a place so dear to him that he brought a piece of it to Manila through the sumptuous offerings of his latest restaurant Hyphy's.

Pronounced as 'high-fees', this latest hyped and tummy-filling food den can be found at the Veranda of Robinson's Galleria. And with a price a little less than Chef Bruce's other restaurant, Chef's Table, you'll surely give the great chef a high-five!

On my visit here, the first thing I adored about the place was its simple yet hyped interiors. Though, there was nothing much that would take us to San Francisco, it's unique and spacious place is enough for me say that our palette will be surfing to some delicious SanFo-inspired meals.

And so, to start out our food adventure here, we asked for their best soup and we had it with their Clam Chowder Sour Dough.

Clam Chowder Sour Dough Bread - Php170.00

This creamy, thick and calming soup is made of potato and clam and it was said to be inspired by SanFo's Pier 39. The taste was really pleasant, it gave my palette a wonderful preparation to the feast that I am about to partake.

After a few sip, the soup was immediately followed with Cobb Salad that I really enjoyed.

Cobb Salad - Php260.00

This one is actually good for four, so if you are that kinda heavy on fresh veggies, this one is a must-have.

For a quick bite, Hyphy's offers a wide selection of sandwiches and pasta dishes that you would love. My heart and tummy have this liking towards Hyphy's SF Steak Sandwich and Calamansi Tuyo Pasta.

SF Steak Sandwich - Php290.00

Calamansi Tuyo Pasta - Php130.00

If you are really hungry, SF Steak Sandwich will surely fill those empty spots in you stomach, but if you're kind of figure conscious and wanna have a gourmet-ish dish, the top favorite Calamansi Tuyo Pasta is perfect for you! I personally enjoy munching on those two offerings, and I'd say that Calamansi Tuyo Pasta is hard to beat! ^_^

For some decent meal that will make you go back here for more, Hyphy's offers quite a good list of delectable Pinoy style rice meals with SanFo twist! ^_^

Bangus Steak- Php210.00

Dapa Fillet - Php350.00

Grilled Chicken - Php230.00

Roasted Chicken - Php290.00

According to the attendant that served these dishes to us, their bestseller among these rice meals is the Bangus Steak, so I tasted it first. In all fairness, the taste was truly remarkable. The sweetness of the sauce was well-balanced by the natural salty flavor of the milkfish.

Another dish that I got to enjoy out of this set is the Dapa Fillet. The crunchy covering of the fish fillet plus the nice sour blend of calamansi dressing made this one an enjoyable dish - a palette escapade, that is.

If you are looking for some comfort food with a twist, I got to taste two of Hyphy's great meals, which I think will satisfy your cravings too.

Kanto Pork BBQ - Php220.00

Spam Masubi - Php300.00

Among these two, if you ask me which one is my most favorite, my vote will go to Spam Masubi. ^_^ It was sinfully delicious! ^_^

Chef Bruce wants us to truly feel the SanFo experience he had back then, that's why in his dessert list, he filled it with hard-to-resist sweet treats that I truly enjoyed.

Choco Chip Sandwich - Php120.00

Bread Pudding  Php120.00

Tablea Chocolate Duo Pudding - Php140.00

Each of these sweet treats has a different characteristics and flavors that you'll appreciate. The Choco Chip Sandwich has this crunchy bite feel that you'll enjoy nibbling, the Bread Pudding has this sweet, soft appeal that is perfect for ladies, while the Tablea Chocolate Duo Pudding is just waiting for those chocolate lovers who are always ready for some indulgence. 

And since I'm a self-confessed chocolate lover, I had a wonderful time indulging with this one. Super, duper winner!!!

With all of these wonderful creations that I got to try from this place, I think I just didn't get to taste San Francisco's best of the best, but also the chef and his family's delectable recipes that are now winning Filipino foodies' heart.

Congratulations, Chef Bruce Lim and thank you for filling our hearts and tummies with world-class dishes!

Cheers and happy eating! ^_^

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