Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BonChon Chicken: Chicken of the Year!

Though, it wasn't my first time to try these addictive chicken, receiving an invitation to dine with my fellow bloggers is a big yes-yes to me. And you'll know why it is hard to resist such an invitation once you get to taste BonChon Chicken.

BonChon Chicken has been a household name when it comes to tasty cooked chicken since it open its doors last year. With its branches slowly sprawling around the metropolis, the fanbase of this delectable cooked chicken brand gets bigger and bigger as everyone gets a chance to taste their yummy treats, which is originally from the U.S.

On the said bloggers gathering, we were introduced to their bestsellers and to the new ones that will make every foodie crave for more.

First on our table, the Ginger Tofu Salad.

Ginger Tofu Salad - Php125.00

May you be a vegetarian or just plain figure conscious, you'll enjoy having these Korean-style salad before having their famous and sure fire-hit winner BonChon Chicken!

For seafood lovers, BonChon also offers their version of Calamari - a finger food that's been gaining popularity because of its comforting and easy-to-eat appeal. Comes in two flavors, regular and spicy, this one has also two dips ready to boost your appetite, regular cheese dip and spicy cheese dip.

Calamari - Php125.00

Another under-the-sea treat that I got to enjoy on my visit here is their Fish Taco.

Fish Taco - Php75.00

With its very affordable price, I'm sure you are already planning to visit BonChon now. Hehe. As for the taste, the Kimchi Coleslaw on top of that perfectly fried Dory Fish made this one an outstanding meal from this place! 

For some meat-love, BonChon is now offering Bulgogi Rice meal that is good substitute to those offerings. 

Bulgogi Rice - Php125.00

With its sweetness and soothing taste, this is BonChon option that will satisfy your cravings.

And finally, the star of the day, and I think the best chicken of the year, BonChon Chicken!

BonChon Chicken Combo
6 Wings - Php185.00 and 6 Drumsticks - Php365.00

I know every blogger who's been with me will surely agree when I say that BonChon Chicken deserves to be called the Chicken of the Year! With its lip-smacking taste and enjoyable crunch, young and adult would love to indulge on these world-famous chicken.

And having these 12 pieces is not enough if you are going in here with you family and friends, for sure! Hehe.

I just love BonChon Chicken!!!

And, oh, did I forget to tell how cute the owner of BonChon Chicken is? He's name is Scott Tan. ^_^

Scott is in plaid

Happy eating!

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