Tuesday, November 30, 2010

World’s Largest Bibingcrepe by Half Moon Asian Cafe

A first of its kind, I got to witness the first-ever and largest bibingcrepe I’ve seen in my whole life, and dear Lord, that was one huge piece of bibingcrepe! Hehehe.


Held last November 23 at Halfmoon Asian Cafe at Tomas Morato, Quezon City, I was invited with my fellow blogger to take part on this gigantic and momentous celebration of good friendship and good food.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

CDO Holiday Ham with Chef Rob Pengson

This holiday season, one dish will surely never miss, the Holiday Ham.

So come and join Chef Rob Pengson as he shared to us one simple way on how to prepare this delightful Yuletide dish!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wee Nam Kee: A Taste of Singapore is now here in Manila

Great news foodies! Wee Nam Kee, the Singapore’s  best and authentic chicken rice is now here in the Philippines and it is now situated in one of the hottest foodie spot in town – AyalaTriangle Garden, Makati City. 


Wee Nam Kee is  best known in Singapore  by its Chicken Rice and it is touted as one of the top restaurants by Singapore Tourism Board.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Sweet Surrender 2010

I got to attend the Sweet Surrender dessert exhibit of Good Fellas Production, which was held last week at Sitio Elena at the far, far away land of Taytay, Rizal. It took me two hours to get there from our home in Tondo, and hell, yeah, it’s all worth the effort!

There were around 10 exhibitors there who showcased and shared their mouth-watering creations. They are, Med Chef, Ernaline’s Food Haven, Dragonfly Desserts, Gigi’s Custaroons, Bardeli’s Deli and Liquor Mart, The High School Cook Book, Desserts Avenue, Muffins by Doris and there’s Chef Laudico’s BFast, too, who served as the guest judge for the mini contest that the organizers had for this exhibit.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

GoodFellas Steaks and Burger

If there’s one steak house that I’ve been dreading to try these past few days, that’ll be Good Fellas Steaks and Burgers at Kamuning Road in Quezon City. 

I’ve been hearing a lot of “not-so-good” stuff about this place, and now that I’ve got an invitation to try this place and experience the Good Fellas taste and style, I think it’s time to somehow prove them wrong.

On my first-ever visit, we tried different stuff from every category of their menu.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Vain, Smart and Sleek Lunch with Chef JJ Yulo

A few day ago, I had one of the most memorable lunch in my whole life. I had a chance to dine with the very nice people of Samsung Philippines over the magnificent dishes of Chef JJ Yulo of Pinoy Eats World (http://www.pinoyeatsworld.com).

 Chef JJ Yulo

Before anything else, I would like to invite you all to visit my my blog entry Samsung QX, NF and SF Series For Holidays 2010! at (http://recyclebinofamiddlechild.blogspot.com/2010/11/samsung-qx-nf-and-sf-series-for.html) for you to know what's the real score behind this sumptuous lunch. 

Samsung QX, NF and SF Series For Holidays 2010! is my official blog entry to Samsung blogging contest, so I hope that you'd take time to read the whole blog and comment about it and the products that I feature there.

Thanks in advance! :-)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Indulge with Sweet Surrender

One thing about holidays is that there are a lot of exhibits or trade fair about food. There are exhibits or trade fairs for local dishes, international cuisines, up and coming food establishments and some are exhibits that showcased dishes that are perfect for this coming holiday - may it be for groups, families, friends, may it be for lunch, for dinner, for merienda and my most favourite part, for dessert.

That's why I'm sharing to all the food lover/dessert lovers in the metropolis this great news! This coming Saturday, November 13, at Sitio Elena at Origas Avenue Extension, a grand fair of mouth-watering, eye-catching and captivating aroma dessert that you can find in and out of the metro - the Sweet Surrender.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Sisig for the Vegetarians

They may not admit it, but I can feel how envy vegetarians are every time they hear the word "sisig" or see someone enjoying a sizzling plate of pork sisig with egg on top. Oooh, the smell, the craclking sound and the wonderful taste... I can't blame them.

Well, now, since I got a chance to visit the exhibit of Likha ng Central Luzon, lemme share to you, my dear vegetarian readers, this wonderful offering that came from the leading onion producer and main rice growing province of the country, Nueva Ecija!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rustan's Red Tag Sale is My Winning Lotto Ticket!

Remember the Rustan's gift check that I received from winning in a game on an event a few months ago? Well, here's what happened to it.

Since I'm having a hard time looking for some nice looking, branded clothes that can go with my budget (the worth of that gift check), I decided to dump the idea and the luck that I'll be able to find something at Rustan's.

Rustan's sucks! BIGTIME!

One of my greatest dream really, being the poor guy me, is to go on a shopping spree at Rustan's. Unfortunately, that will not happen anytime soon... *sigh*

I can never afford to shop at Rustan's...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Big Daddy's Chicken Chops set to Counquer Pinoys' Love for Chicken

Being in the business for almost two years now, Big Daddy's Chicken had its first branch at Greenhills Mall. It's main goal is to share to all foodies the wonderful and yummy-tasting chicken chops of Taiwan. And with good partnership and passion for business and food, BDC managed to give its patron the food that they want in a quick span of time.

And now, as the good partnership of Kim and Jerry continues, they just recently opened Big Daddy's Chicken branch at the largest mall in Asia - SM Mall of Asia.

Located at the ground floor of the Entertainment Mall of SM Mall of Asia, I was invited to it's bloggers' night a few weeks ago, and though I'm not expecting much about it, I must say that their chicken - chicken chop - was really worth my time and effort.

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