Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rustan's Red Tag Sale is My Winning Lotto Ticket!

Remember the Rustan's gift check that I received from winning in a game on an event a few months ago? Well, here's what happened to it.

Since I'm having a hard time looking for some nice looking, branded clothes that can go with my budget (the worth of that gift check), I decided to dump the idea and the luck that I'll be able to find something at Rustan's.

Rustan's sucks! BIGTIME!

One of my greatest dream really, being the poor guy me, is to go on a shopping spree at Rustan's. Unfortunately, that will not happen anytime soon... *sigh*

I can never afford to shop at Rustan's...

Well, that was until I went to Robinson's Place Manila and visited the Rustan outlet there.
And voila! Jackpot!
It feels like winning a lotto! Hahahaha!

It's Red Tag Sale! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Since, I already dumped the idea of me buying some clothes at Rustan, the lafanggero in me kicked in as I headed directly to their home and kitchenware section.

I was up for something, nice and beautiful and ceramic and silver and affordable, and in less than 15 minutes, I found these wonderful treasures!


Aside from buying clothes and apparels, I also love buying new stuff for our home. I love making our home really comfortable for all of us. And so with these latest find, I know that my parents and siblings will also be delighted with them. Hehe.
The plates that I bought were from Amirah. I dunno the real price of these plates, but one thing is for sure, they are not that cheap because they are in Rustan's. Hehe.

What I liked about this kind of plate is it's simple design. I bought red plates last year, so now, returning to a simpler white plate brings a refreshing and more elegant feel - a white Christmas feel!

On the other hand, the utensils that I bought were so lovely. The simple design matched to the plates so nicely, giving this semi-set a lovely combination. Perfect for the holidays, indeed! Hehe.

The plates that I bought last year were from SM and cost Php50.00 each. The utensils that I bought last year were also from SM, and it cost me Php100.00 per set - 3 spoons and 3 forks. In fairness to SM, all of those pieces were still in good shape, except that they all look dull now.

And now, these fine pieces that I bought at Rustan were a bit shocker to me. And you'd know in a minute why I had the courage to buy them. Hehe.


The plates that I bought cost Php49.75 only! 
Can you believe that? A plate at Rustan for Php49.75 per piece! Winner!
I bought six of them. ^_^

The winner stuff are these utensils!

The spoon and fork cost Php39.00 each! Sooooo love it!
My ermats was so happy too when I got home carrying all these stuff!

I bought 6 pairs of utensils.
I believe I only spent around Php800.00 for everything!
Great buy, right?!
Now, it feels like Christmas!!!!
I'll be going back to Rustan for some glasses and cups and saucer.

Can't wait for Noche Buena! Harharhar!

Thank you, Rustan! See you again soon! ^_^

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