Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Big Daddy's Chicken Chops set to Counquer Pinoys' Love for Chicken

Being in the business for almost two years now, Big Daddy's Chicken had its first branch at Greenhills Mall. It's main goal is to share to all foodies the wonderful and yummy-tasting chicken chops of Taiwan. And with good partnership and passion for business and food, BDC managed to give its patron the food that they want in a quick span of time.

And now, as the good partnership of Kim and Jerry continues, they just recently opened Big Daddy's Chicken branch at the largest mall in Asia - SM Mall of Asia.

Located at the ground floor of the Entertainment Mall of SM Mall of Asia, I was invited to it's bloggers' night a few weeks ago, and though I'm not expecting much about it, I must say that their chicken - chicken chop - was really worth my time and effort.

It was my first time to try a chicken chop which size was as big as my palm, and despite of my allergy to chicken, I bravely tried it. And luckily.... No signs of allergy on my side til now, maybe because it is white meat. :-) Wee! Love it!

But before we headed to the dishes that they shared to us by the owners of the said establishment, just like what they did to us, let me first give you a quick recap of what happened.

Kim told us the story behind BDC and how they came up with such an idea of bringing a Taiwanese favorite here in the country. After that, since she told us that there are five flavors of chicken chops that are available in their store, they prepared a small game for us - The Guest the Flavor of that Chicken Game! Hehe.


After  OUR TEAM WON from that small game, eating time followed. :-P
There were two choices, Chicken Chop with Creamy Pasta (white sauce) and Chicken Chops with Rice and Soup. And there were five choices for the chicken chops flavor - original, plum, nori, chili and lemon.

Since I was in an undecided mood, I ordered the Chicken Chop with Creamy Pasta with the original-flavored chicken chop.

Chop + Creamy Pasta -  Php95.00

Though, kinda look boring, you'll be surprise with its outstanding flavor. The golden-fired chicken was perfectly cooked, giving it a crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside finishing. I got to taste the other flavors too, but I still find the original flavor really great. As for the pasta, nothing that outstanding about it, but I'm glad that it complements with the chicken chop well.

For those gravy lovers, I'm sorry to tell you that they don't have a matching gravy for these chops, but don't be disheartened because according to the owners that since this dish is originally from Taiwan, and Taiwanese prefer their chicken chops with hot sauce, BDC prepared sweet-chili sauce for their Pinoy customers for a truly tummy-filling Taiwanese's chicken chops experience.

But, for me, with or without sauce or gravy, the chicken chop is waaaaaaay enough to satisfy my palette and to fill my tummy.

Chicken Chop with Sweet-Chili Sauce

I suggest that you also try their Royal Milk Tea with Three Jewels for full delicious meal. The the taste was kinda okay, it is still good for its affordable price.

 Royal Milk Tea with Three Jewels - Php60.00

Other treats you may enjoy when you visit this place is their cute spiral potato.
Spiral Potato - Php50.00 per stick

I actually enjoyed this one as much as I enjoyed that giant chicken chops. The nice blend of cheese sauce ad creamy garlic sauce gave this spiral potato chips a unique kick which was loved by my palette. This is good for appetizer or some sort of "pulutan". :-)

If you are on a carbo diet, you can still enjoy BDC's chicken chops by nibbling it on it's very affordable price.
Just the Chop - Php80.00

But if you're really in for a real treat, well, then have it the Chop with Rice and Soup way!

Chop and Rice and Soup - Php90.00

I'm sure, this will just hit the right spot in your tummy, just the way the Chop with Pasta did to mine. :-)
Bid Daddy's Chicken is really a good news, especially to those who are tired of having the same fried chicken all over again. With its different flavors, tasty appearance and pocket-friendly prices, I'm sure that in no time, chicken-lovers will have Big Daddy's Chicken on their list of favorite chicken place.

Thank you, Big Daddy's Chicken! And welcome!

Happy eating!

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