Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wee Nam Kee: A Taste of Singapore is now here in Manila

Great news foodies! Wee Nam Kee, the Singapore’s  best and authentic chicken rice is now here in the Philippines and it is now situated in one of the hottest foodie spot in town – AyalaTriangle Garden, Makati City. 


Wee Nam Kee is  best known in Singapore  by its Chicken Rice and it is touted as one of the top restaurants by Singapore Tourism Board.

Mr. Wee Jr. (Singapore Owner)
and Linfred Yap and Weyzer Co (Philippines)

And last week, I got a wonderful experience here with my fellow foodies as we were invited to indulge to the succulent chicken rice dishes of Wee Nam Kee. 

Among the top dishes that one should not miss when paying a visit at Wee Name Kee are the mouth-watering choices of roasted, steamed or soy chicken rice and the all-time favourite cereal prawns. 

Personal Set served with Chicken Soup) - Php168.00
Small – Quarter - Php248.00
Medium – Half – Php488.00
Large – Whole - Php888.00

Cereal Prawns – Php375.00/four pieces

The Cereal Prawns was really good. It was my first time to try such dish, and I was delighted to have it the Wee Nam Kee way. 

As for the Chicken Rice, I find the roasted one really tasteful. Adding to the wonderful  taste was the crunchiness it gives to my mouth making it an enjoyable dish to try.

Condiments such as the pounded ginger, chili and soy sauce are unlimited, so you can really mix and match the taste that you wanna achieve.

To gobble it all up, a nice tall glass of Barley Juice will satisfy after having these wonderful Hainanese chicken dishes. Though, some of us found the taste awful, as for me, I find it a little sweet, so it’s okay with me. :-)

Fresh Barley Juice - Php55.00

Aside from the amazing treat that this new establishment has to offer, one should take into consideration the adaptation that the Filipino owners took into to serve their customers with the real Singapore Wee Nam Kee feel.

The interior design of the place was actually inspired by its mother branch at Singapore, where according to the owners was just the typical hole-in-the-wall food station. They had this alley-way looking interior for their guests to feel how it was dining at Wee Nam Kee Singapore. The lighting was also great giving the guests a clear view of everything that surrounds them. I personally find the chandeliers really nice.


I’ve never been to Wee Nam Kee Singapore, so I think I can fairly say that with its simple and unique appeal, any visitor would definitely enjoy dining in here. 

I believe Wee Nam Kee Singapore chefs are here to serve and share to us the authentic flavours of the original Wee Nam Kee. And they’ll be here until such time that the Manila branch acquired the original taste of the well-known chicken rice. So, hurry up and visit Wee Nam Kee now to have a taste of Singapore’s most favourite chicken rice!

Thank you, Wee Nam Kee! Til next time!

Wee Nam Kee
Ayala Triangle
Gardens, Makati City
Tel. No. 846-8924
1:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily

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