Wednesday, November 17, 2010

GoodFellas Steaks and Burger

If there’s one steak house that I’ve been dreading to try these past few days, that’ll be Good Fellas Steaks and Burgers at Kamuning Road in Quezon City. 

I’ve been hearing a lot of “not-so-good” stuff about this place, and now that I’ve got an invitation to try this place and experience the Good Fellas taste and style, I think it’s time to somehow prove them wrong.

On my first-ever visit, we tried different stuff from every category of their menu.

From their Burger and Sandwiches list, we ordered WiseGuy Burger, Pat & Geno’s Sandwich, Margherita Burger and the Johnny Roastbeef Sandwich.

WiseGuy Burger – Php295.00

 Margherita Burger – Php215.00

Pat & Geno’s Sandwich – Php220.00

Johnny Roastbeef Sandwich – Php220.00

Among these four burgers/sandwiches that I’ve tasted, I highly recommend that you have their Margherita Burger.

Margherita Burger consists of 100 grammer charbroiled burger, roasted tomato, mozzarella, basil and cheese sauce.

The oozing wonderful flavour of the roasted tomato, melted mozzarella, basil and cheese sauce gave that charbroiled burger a nice twist, an enjoyable, tummy filling twist. It was really perfect for one very hungry tummy. Though, my parents, who are cheese lovers, loved the Pat & Geno’s Sandwich that I brought them home.

For some side kicks or appetizers, we ordered their Bonnie & Clyde, Carlito’s Gang and Gotti’s Cheese.

Bonnie & Clyde – Php275.00

Carlito’s Gang – Php375.00

Gotti’s Cheese – Php225.00

The Bonnie & Clyde is fish and chips in a basket, and I’d say that it was okay. The Carlito’s Gang, which is Angus salpicao was the crowd’s favourite that night. Everyone was amazed and enjoyed the chewy salpicao. But as for me, I really love the Gotti’s Cheese, which is the mozzarella sticks. Because with its price, given the sizes of every stick, this one was really perfect to enjoy over a glass of wine with friends or family.

For their Big Plates sets, our main entrée that night, I ordered the Bambino Ribs.

Bambino Ribs – PhpPhp225.00/quarter

But since, this is a steakhouse, we also had their most affordable steak, the Goodfellas House Steak.

I’m no expert when it comes to steak, so every thing that you’ll read in here is based from what my palette perceived.  Hihihi.

Goodfellas House Steak – Php325.00

The Bambino Ribs was great! I love the honey dressing that was drizzled over the ribs. Though, I must say that the rib itself was a little over charred, which made it a little bitter, but then, when I got into the inner meat, I’d say that with the nice sweet blend of the honey dressing, this dish filled my tummy with happiness.

As for the steak, in all fairness to this place, the steak, which was cooked medium-rare, was delightfully good. The sweetness and chewy-ness of that slab of meat was made more delightful by the A1 Steak Sauce that was served to us.

I was actually surprised to know the price of this dish, because you can barely have a decent steak meal with its price, so I really think that this one is really great, especially for those steak lovers.

And as for the sweet treat, just like any other American-based resto, Good Fellas offers something delectable and memorable.

Toblerone Cheese Cake – Php150.00

Carrot Cake – Php120.00

New York Cheese Cake – Php130.00

Oh, you should have their Tobleron Cheese Cake. I’m not that sure if there are other stores that offer this kind of dessert, but I’d say that this one is a must-try here at Good Fellas.

And as a bonus treat to us, we were so lucky that night because the owners shared to us the latest and newest addition to their dessert line, the Mount Everest! Wee!

Mount Everest – Php380.00

Mount Everest is a plateful of ice creams scoops consisted of eight flavours. Every flavour was so tasteful and four to five persons can enjoy this. This was really awesome!

For drinks, we had the Cranberrry Iced Tea and Blue Lemonade.

Cranberry Iced Tea – Php45.00

Blue Lemonade – Php45.00

After this wonderful dine-in experience, I’m here to prove that what others said about this place was, to me, plainly wrong. I had a great time here and my tummy was filled with nothing but delicious food that will make me go back here with my friends and family.

Thank you, Good Fellas!
Til my next dine-in experience at your humble place!

Happy eating!

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