Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Sweet Surrender 2010

I got to attend the Sweet Surrender dessert exhibit of Good Fellas Production, which was held last week at Sitio Elena at the far, far away land of Taytay, Rizal. It took me two hours to get there from our home in Tondo, and hell, yeah, it’s all worth the effort!

There were around 10 exhibitors there who showcased and shared their mouth-watering creations. They are, Med Chef, Ernaline’s Food Haven, Dragonfly Desserts, Gigi’s Custaroons, Bardeli’s Deli and Liquor Mart, The High School Cook Book, Desserts Avenue, Muffins by Doris and there’s Chef Laudico’s BFast, too, who served as the guest judge for the mini contest that the organizers had for this exhibit.

The ambiance was really nice, the warm and elegant feel made all of the spectators so eager to have a taste of these yummy treats, and so after the sumptuous dinner, we were all asked to go around and take a bite of the delicious offerings of each exhibitors.


And for my first stop, since the name has been in every food blog that I’ve read, I first headed to Chef Laudico’s BFast, where I met the humble and pretty chef, Jacqui Laudico.

After that, my eyes feasted over the long table of delightful treats of Dragonfly Desserts. I must say that I really, really,really love (in Ryan Bang’s way of saying) their Almond Cappucino Bars! Super love it! This was probably my favourite that night! I went and had a taste of it, like, 10 times. Hihihih.

My next stop was the Gigi’s Custaroons’ booth. If you love custard cake or muffins and macaroons, you should really try this because it is insanely addicting. Hehehe. I like how they made a mash-up of these two desserts – genius!

Then, the sweet treats of Gigi’s Custaroons was immediately followed by the Christmas-y delights of Dessert Avenue. I got a chance to meet the owner of this establishment and I’d say that she’s one woman that you’ll be delighted to meet. And, oh, her Blueberry Cheesecake was a piece of heaven that she wholeheartedly shared to us! Love it!

After that, there was this booth also where buying their sweet offerings will also help their organization become stronger and their beneficiaries’ future become brighter – The High School Cook Book.


The next booth was something for big buyers, the Bardeli’s Deli and Liquor Mart. Bardeli’s were selling gift baskets, which are perfect giveaways for Christmas Parties or Reunions.

After Bardelli’s, my next stop was the Muffins by Doris booth, where, just like Bardelli’s, they were selling boxed goodies, which are best for giveaways too. Their product line includes, Lengua de Gato, Banana Cake, Brownies and many more.


Ernaline’s Food Haven also showcased some cute and delectable desserts that captured our eyes and lenses.

And just like the movie Matrix, everybody slow-motioned, as Chef Hasset Go of MedChef started firing his flaming guns and caramelizing that Butterscotch Cheesecake.

The color was really fantastic! Adding up to the lines of their amazing desserts are these delectable treat – oh, heaven!

The night ended with the performances of these singers serenading us while having a taste of the sweet, delectable treats from these dessert establishments.

It was indeed a Sweet Surrender to remember!

Thank you, Good Fellas Production for this wonderful idea that dessert-loving people like me truly enjoyed!

Happy eating!

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