Monday, November 25, 2013

Whipping Christmas with Clara Ole Products!

Last week, I received a sweet package from a brand that is now ready to fill our Christmas dining table with delicious and healthy meals that aren't just eye-candy but also easy to prepare. And to be honest, I didn't expect that Clara Ole's brand is now this big and composed of really exciting products that can help not only moms but also those who aspire to know how to cook.

Everyday, one of my mom's daily problems is what food to cook for me and my siblings. Her knowing us how "maarte" we are when it comes to home-cooked meals, especially me, because I rarely have a chance to eat at home due to my busy schedule outside, she always makes sure that her dishes are 100% perfect when we are all home to dine and to bond.

And if everyday isn't enough, well, holidays, like this coming Christmas, takes the challenge up for her to whip up with something more delicious and memorable that is enough for it to serve as our Christmas gift from her.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Burger King: The Battle of the Stacks King Eating Challenge

Dude, Boss, Chief and King - those were the four Burger King (BK) burgers that tested not just the men but also the women who vie for the Battle of the Stacks King in Burger King 2 E-Com Center,SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City last October 19.

Answering the big question "Are you man enough?", ten individuals from different parts of the Philippines "outburger" one another in this exciting and truly filling challenge made to crown the biggest eater of BK Stacks in the land.

By simply sending or posting their funny videos on BK Facebook page, the ten finalist stood out among all the hundreds of entry-senders and named as the finalists for this challenge. All finalists "outburger" each and everyone of them by munching as many as they could BK Stacks in just 15 minutes.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Wicked opens at Shangri-La Plaza East Wing

Evil, sinful, naughty, mischievous, playful and roguish - whatever and however you define the WICKED, I really don't mind now. Because by the opening of this new sweet shop in Shangri-La Plaza in Manadaluyong, nothing can change the definition of "Wicked" in my mind - which is sweet, delicious, sinfully good and playfully thought!

Led by Chef Christine Paredes of Cravings, and helped out by in-house chefs Ton Albasin, RJ Bernabe and Mac Reyes, Wicked is a place where one can have his/her sweets with a shot of their favorite alcohol. Exciting as it sounds, Wicked's menu is divided into three characteristics sure to tickle one's mind - the Wickedly Sinful, Wickedly Sexy, and Wickedly Intoxicating.

I had a wonderful time visiting the place on its opening day last October 15, and boy, the day that I thought I'll just be having some sweets turns out to be a wonderful time having a chat with Chef Christine, sharing some information about the place and how they've come up with such a "wicked" idea.
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