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Food Tripping in Baguio's Slaughter House

Some of you may feel uncomfortable to see this. Some of you may not believe that I did it, and assume that I eat like a vampire. And then, there must be some of you who knows the place and can't help but to drool now as you are being reminded of those tasty yet very affordable dishes that you once had here in Baguio City's famous Slaughter House.

Formerly a real slaughter house, this place is technically in Balajadia Street in Barangay Sto. Nino, Baguio City. Famous for its unique dishes, which are mostly aphrodisiacs, this place may not be the usual food spot to ordinary visitors, but believe me when I say that you'll enjoy the food here more than you know.

Coming here may be a little problem to some, since its real street name is over shadowed by the name "Slaughter House". But don't worry, there are a lot of Baguio cab drivers who are familiar with the place, so asking them to take you here in Baranggay Sto. Nino will definitely no fuss.

There are about 8 small eateries inside this Slaughter Compound and one of them, and I think, the most famous one is the Balajadia Restaurant. We were very fortunate to meet the man behind this place, and more fortunate to have him sit with us to tell more stories about their food and place.

Brando Balajadia

Mr. Balajadia told us that before, most of their customers are local residents of Baguio City. But the moment the technology booms, their customers are now ranging from the local tourists to international tourists who are so curious about Cordillera's exotic dishes.

He added that not all of their dishes are exotic dishes. They still have the "normal" ones that never fail to amaze those who are not into exotic food.

Bulalo - Php120.00


Fresh meat and fresh vegetable - words that came out of my mouth the moment those two first dishes brought to our table. Baguio being a cold place, the meat and vegetables here are mostly kept fresh and tender, which are very obvious from these two dishes. And since it was very cold that time, I really enjoyed having their version of Bulalo. Though, it wasn't as bulalo-ish as the one from Tagaytay City, the flavor is so soothing that just made me want to eat more.

This next dish, which isn't really exotic, is the most popular dish here in the area. It goes with our Pinoy favorite Dinuguan and locally it is called Tinuno, a favorite among many Filipinos, here's the Grilled Liempo. 

Tinuno with Dinuguan Php100.00

Believe it or not, here in Slaughter House, they eat Grilled Liempo with Dinuguan as its sauce. At first I find it so weird having them together, both at the same time, but the moment I get the hang of the thick flavor that comes from Dinuguan lingering in my mouth and that charred smoky flavor of the Grilled Liempo clearing my mouth back, I immediately knew why a lot of people prefer having this over the other dishes that they offer here.

I'm a weird eater, and my family and friends know about, so yeah, I kinda enjoy this one.

For some exotic dishes, we tried Slaughter House' Pinikpikang Manok - a dish prepared by beating a live chicken with a stick prior to cooking.

Pinikpikang Manok

This isn't my first time to try dish. It was in Sagada where I first had Pinikpikan, but unlike here, their Pinikpikan has no Etag, a smoked piece of meat. So, even though the taste is the same, the one from Sagada is far more delicious than this one.

This next one isn't really that exotic and unique for I've seen a lot of this here in Manila.

Papaitan - Php100.00

Common to beer bars, Papaitan is said to be an Ilocano dish that is composed of cow or goat innards. The one that we had here in Slaughter House has cow's innards according to Mr. Balajadia. The consistency and aroma is quite normal and the taste is just okay. If you'll ask me, which one do I like the most comparing its flavor to the Bulalo and Pinikpikan, I think I'll go for the Bulalo.

The last dish that we had here is actually the most exotic one. And yes, you are reading it right. Ladies and gents, this is a dish made up of butt and balls of a cow. And yes again, IT'S DELICIOUS!

Butt & Balls - Php100.00

I prefer not to elaborate how it tasted. Hehe. I'll let you do your job and visit this place to try and enjoy these delectable treats from Baguio City's Slaughter House.

At first I don't wanna accept why it is still called Slaughter House, but after knowing the kind of dishes here, I guess, the name adds spice to the food making it exciting to seek and enjoyable to try.

Thank you, Slaughter House, for sharing Baguio's goodness in a different way! Truly enjoyed everything!

Happy eating, everyone!

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  1. next time when i visit baguio, this will be my first stop


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