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L'Entrecote: A Taste of France Now in Burgos Circle

I believe it is of every Filipino's dream to  to see and experience the life in one of the most romantic places on earth. And I, being one of those dreamers, I can't help myself not just to daydream about the sweetness of France but also long to taste its delectable cuisine that it offers to the world. I can't wait for that day to say Lafanggero hits France! ^_^

L'Entrecote, which originates from the Gineste de Saurs family is actually defined by three iconic groups of restaurants. Thanks to Chef Martin Kaspar for bringing one of those restaurants here in the country. And more thanks because it can be easily found in the heart of the metropolis - Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Chef Martin Kaspar

This two-story piece of heaven offers a wide array of French delights than you could expect. And now that it is considered as one of Philippine Tatlers' 2011 Best Restaurants for Steaks, expect more delicious dishes and more happiness from this bistro. Can't get enough of France now, eh?

They say that one of the most wonderful things that France has to offer to world is its wine, and in L'Entrecote, with is captivating Parisian ambiance, I'm sure that you'll enjoy the feeling more with every gulp of their imported wines and house-blend concoctions.

It was my first time to visit this place that afternoon, and though I'm no expert in tasting the best of the bests, I can say that with its just lovely ambiance, heart-warming house music and friendly service, I know that I would love to go back here together with my close friends and family.

But of course, what is France again without its delightful dishes, right? And so, to make you all drool over L'Entrecote's best of the best offerings, here are they as I parade right under your noses the heart-thumping dishes that I had that lunch time.

Just like any French dining experience, one should start his or her meal by savoring the aroma of a freshly baked bread. And here in L'Entrecote, you'll get loads of those wonderfully baked, hot-off-the-oven goodness that you'll need for this great meal. Match it with a butter, and voila! Thsi is the start of your French dining here in L'Entrecote!

Bistole Bread and Butter

For appetizers, they have these three dishes that I highly recommend for you to try. They don't just look good, they taste really great!

with Onions, Anchovy and Black Olive - Php195.00

Geneva Fondue Cheese Bites - Php240.00 (6pcs.)

Foie Gras 
with Apricot Sauce and Melba Toast - Php480.00

Pissaladiere is the French version of Italian's pizza, so if you like pizza like I do, well, this is really a must-have! They offer other flavors too for this dish, so feel free to scan their menu for the toppings of your choice.

Geneva Fondue Cheese Bites on the other hand reminded of those cheese-love Raclette. Raclette is a Swish dish made of melted cheese with potatoes while this one is made of melted cheese on a toast. The effect is almost the same it just that I find this one more comfortable and fun to eat. I'm sure kids will enjoy this one too.

As for the Foie Gras, I think this is the best Foie Gras dish I've ever tasted here in the country. And with those Melba Toast, I really enjoyed dipping, slicing and tasting every bit of it. Though a littel price-y just like the other Foie Gras dish in the country, I don't think that your L'Entrecote dining experience would be complete without having this.

For the main meal,  L'Entrecote offers two styles that will give you a complete and satisfying dining experience, which for a first-timer like me, sounded so nice and really helpful.

So, to continue your aventure gastronomique dela France here in L'Entrecote Manila, just choose between L'Entrecote Menu and Menu Geneva, and you and your company are ready to go!

In L'Entrecote Menu and Menu Geneva order, you can have one of these salads and the L'Entrecote Steak with Unlimited Frites, which made this place popular.

House Salad with Walnuts - Php280.00

                                          Truffle Salad                        Chicken and Egg Salad

L'Entrecote Steak with Unlimited Frites

The House Salad was a burst of freshness in my mouth. I love how it gave this really crunchy, zesty and crispy feel while biting every piece of those greenies.

As for the L'Entrecote Steak, well, I couldn't agree more to all the stuff that I heard and read about it. There's really something about its herb butter sauce that you'll love to lick down to its last drop. And I'm dead serious about it. How it energized the wonderfully cooked US steak was just sinfully awesome! 

The frites or fries that looks like "Piknik", just bigger, are enjoyable side dish in your lunch or dinner here. The servings are actually good for two, so for big eaters, this place is definitely a heaven you'll love to visit over and over again, may it be at high noon or late at night. :-)

For other options, L'Entrecote just included these feisty flat noodle dishes that my camera has enjoyed taking pictures of. And by just looking at its contrasting color, I already know that these two were exemplary delicious.

Fine Flat Noodles in Spinach Cream Sauce
with Lobster -  Php635.00

Fine Flat Noodles in Tomato-Chili Herb Sauce 
with Lapu Lapu Fillet - Php390.00

Both dishes are perfect for vegetarians or people who prefer seafood over meat and chicken. The one with spinach cream has this thick texture on the mouth that I'm sure will fill those empty spaces in your tummy, while the one with tomato-chili herb sauce has this kick, this tangy effect that will give a little challenge while eating, but anyone will definitely enjoy it down to its last strand. ^_^

Just like any French story, this L'Entrecote experience wouldn't be complete without its sweet ending, and so, to share to all of you how French people cap their wonderful meal, well, here are three delectable sweet treats that L'Entrecote can share to everyone.

Raspberry and Walnut Ice Vacherin - Php180.00

Rasperry and Walbut Ice Vacherin is one of the best desserts that you could have here in L'Entrecote. Inquirer just named it as one of the best desserts in the metropolis, so this just proved how many people now, including me, loved it!

Another sweet course that was shared to us that day, and the one that really made our eyes popped out, was this L'Entrecote Tower.

L'Entrecote Tower (new)

It is a tower of ice cream, meringue, whip cream, chocolate syrup, slices of strawberries and shaved almonds. And as stunning as it looks, the taste and the combination of all the ingredients was superb. It was a like a well-ended French story that you'll love to hear, on in this case, to taste, over and over again.

And probably because Chef Martin saw us how we enjoyed L'Entrecote Tower, he created another dessert for us to taste. This one has strawberries, whip cream and chocolate sorbet in it. I forgot its name, but I can assure you all that it tasted equally great. C'est si bon!

After this lunch at L'Entrecote Manila, I can't help but to pursue my dream to see France soon. But while I save up for that trip, might as well get familiar with their wonderful dishes here in Manila, right? And with L'Entrecote just being there ready to serve and fill our plates with their unlimited fries and more elegant but filling dishes, I know that in no time, I'll be breathing and talking French! A bientôt, en France!

Thank you L'Entrecote and Chef Martin for the wonderful and heart-warming accommodation!
For more updates from L'Entrecote, just like L'Entrecote Facebook fanpage.
Happy eating!

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