Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lechon Cebu: Tatang's, CnT and Zubuchon

Upon receiving a confirmation from the hotel that I'm gonna review in the Queen City of the South, hundreds of things came into my mind as to how I am going to spend my 4 days and 3 nights in this highly-urbanized city in the Visayan region. But being the Lafanggero that I am, despite of the millions of reviews about Cebu's national dish, nothing could really stop from having the mouth-watering, skin-crunching lechon of Cebu. And I was lucky enough to try three of the best lechons that you could find in the province - so, friends, drool, people, drool!

On the first day of my stay here in Cebu, after going around Lapu-Lapu City, I had my dinner in this lechon spot, which is just a few meters from my hotel, The Henry Hotel. Though, there's nothing much noise about this place, Tatang's Boneless Lechon is considered one of the best lechon selling names in the province primarily because of their extra crispy boneless lechon that are served hot and fresh out of the roaster.

Located in Banilad District, Mandaue City, the the only kiosk of this budding lechon name houses near Matias Barbecue Station, which is in the corner of A.S. Fortuna and Hernan Cortez Streets.

I was lucky enough that when I got there, there's a readily available boneless lechon waiting for me. According to their staff, they only cook one slab of lechon every three hours to make sure that what they are offering are really good, and I was indeed lucky to be there that time because their lechon gets sold in less than an hour, mostly take outs.

The price here is fairly good, with an option to have their lechon by kilo or by value meal, which includes two puso rice and a bottle soft drinks, anyone can surely enjoy digging into their mouth-watering treat.

I had their value meal, of course, since I'm on a solo travel. I added Php5.00 to have my lechon spicy, and though I am not really expecting that much, I was surprised to enjoy it and loved it! Eating lechon is really fun here in Cebu specially if you are doing it with your hands. I spent a little less than Php100.00 for this meal, so if you are up for some delectable lechon here in Cebu and has a limited budget, I highly suggest Tatang's Boneless Lechon to you!

Value Meal (spicy) - Php75.00

On my second day in Cebu, I had my lunch in tourists' favorite lechon spot - CnT Lechon. I had my lechon from their original store, which is located a few steps from SM Cebu, and I was glad to know from the notices inside that they are finally branching out.

The CnT Amazons

This is my second time here, and I know that I'll enjoy my stay here just like before. I ordered 1/4 kilo of their tasty lechon, which cost me Php100.00. I added Php50.00 to have two puso rice and a can of soda to my meal. And since I arrived there a few minutes pass 1 p.m., I still have to fall in line. Good thing that their restaurant here is huge, so I easily got a nice spot to dine alone.

1/4 Kilo of CnT Lechon - Php100.00

With or without rice, I really think that CnT's lechon Cebu is as delectable as ever. A perfect pasalubong to your love ones, I wasn't disappointed to my second visit here. Though, I just wish that their place has a good air conditioning system because the heat outside was so unbearable that day and its hard to eat something that is as good as this with your sweat dripping from your face.

Other home-cooked meals from CnT are good too, just in case you don't want to have an all-lechon lunch or dinner.

My third day on this vacation was spent mostly in Bohol, so I wasn't able to try any lechon Cebu that day. But on my last day here in Cebu before I head back to Manila, I had the internationally renowned lechon Cebu - Anthony Bourdain named it as the best pig ever, the Zubuchon.

The name that made the lechon Cebu a worldwide craze, I was happy that they have their mini store located inside Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

With their value meal that cost me Php190.00, with one cup of rice and a few strips of lechon meat topped with some pieces of crunchy pork skin, I was simply speechless with my every bite. It was indeed the best pig.

Boneless Lechon with Rice - Php190.00

I would want to eat another serving if not for my nape that started hurting - HIGH BLOOD! Hahaha! So, I just settled for a glass of Kamias Shake, which is a perfect way to end my super wonderful trip here in the Queen City of the South!

Fresh Kamias Shake - Php90.00

I cannot wait to back to Cebu, and on my next visit, I'll make sure that I'll try more of their lechons that never failed to amaze not only Filipinos but foreigners as well!

Happy eating, everyone!


  1. Yum! I'm not a big lechon fan (my mom is!) but I'm salivating over your lechon photos now. I hope to visit Cebu again just to EAT. It's been a while... :)

  2. there are delicious lechon here in manila, although i think cebu lechon was the one that the international tv chef regarded as the world best lechon pig. you may also see my personal blog of lechon business operations.

  3. WoW! All of a sudden i feel so hungry. haha =)

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