Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Love, Love, Love for the Crumpy Choco and Crumpy Nut!

There are days that butter, cheese or ever mayonnaise is not enough to brighten one's breakfast. Specially during the days where the clouds are dark and rain just keeps on pouring. Luckily, last weekend, as I enjoy the applause of the raindrops on our roof and the smell of hot teh tarik that I got from Malaysia, I have these two delicious and comforting bread spreads perfect to brighten up my days - Crumpy Choco and Crumpy Nut!

Originally from Belgium, Crumpy bread spread offers a delectable sweet flavors suit for those people who love to start their day with some sweetness. I have their Crumpy Choco and Crumpy Nut last weekend, and though I honestly don't want to compare one another, I can't help to. Hahaha!

If you want something that is purely chocolate-y goodness, the Crumpy Choco is the perfect choice for you. With every scoop of this thick and creamy chocolate spread, I'm sure that your endorphin will run wild and will give you that satisfying happiness that you would love - most specially if you love Belgian chocolates. ^_^

As for the Crumpy Nut or Hazelnut, which I like the most despite of me being a chocoholic, this one has that more pleasing and comforting creaminess and flavor that kids and adult can appreciate. The oozing flavor on every spread of it on my bread brings not just happiness but also relaxation that is just soooo perfect for that weekend morning. And I honestly can't wait to do this next weekend with my family.

Crumpy is being distributed here in the Philippines by Fly Ace Corporation, and it is currently available in two sizes, the 225 grams and the 400 grams sizes. There still that third variant - the Crumpy Duo, which is a combination of the Crumpy Choco and Crumpy Nut, and I think I will pay a visit in the supermarket before the weekend to distinctly know the difference of its flavor to these two.

Thank you, Crumpy, for sharing your goodness to us Filipino!
I love chocolate and hazelnut now, so I love Crumpy now too!

Happy eating, everyone!

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