Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tayabas, Quezon: Kamayan sa Palaisdaan sa Bay

Despite of having a city located at the foot of Mount Makiling, Tayabas, Quezon didn't let the goodness of the Philippines' bodies of water be out of their system just like that. And with a restaurant carrying the name Kamayan sa Palaisdaan sa Bay, anyone will surely feel the love of our natural resources may it be from the top of the mountain or from the bottom of a fish pen with their amazing contribution to the rich and delicious Filipino food finds here in Quezon Province.

Located near the boundary of Tayabas and Lucena, after we had that enjoyable and colorful experience at Pahiyas Festival 2013, as we head back to Lucena to check-in to our hotel, our group had our last food stop at this nature-ish place called Kamayan sa Palaisdaan sa Bay - Bay is what I believed a colloquial term for Tayabas.

Blending with the beautiful mountain of Makiling, Kamayan sa Palaidaan boasts a photographic and peaceful ambiance with lots of plants, trees, fountains and of course, fish pens around. You have an option to dine on a top of a tree, or in their cabanas floating on top of their fish pens, as well as plain dining areas, for those who don't to worry about anything.

Our group's first choice was actually to have our dinner in their top-of-the-tree cabana, but when we noticed that it would be much easier for us to move around in the floating cabanas, we transferred there and feel the beauty of the whole place while swaying along the fish pen's water there.

Our dinner goes something like this.

Ensaladang Mangga

Chopsuey Chicken

Ginataan Suso (Snail)


Nothing beats a place where you can eat with your hands, really! It is one the many Filipino traditions that is worth doing if you are in the province, and here in Kamayan sa Palaisdaan, everyone is invited to do so to enjoy the dining experience more.

So, partnered with a steamy white rice, which is served in clay pots, we indulge on these truly appetizing meals that speaks a lot about Tayabas, Quezon. It took a little longer than the usual to receive our orders, but the moment they filled our dining table, we couldn't help but to be amazed at these offerings that may be light on the tummy but surely rich in flavors and native touch.

Ensladang Mangga will always be a delightful starter in any Filipino food gathering, and though inspired by the Chinese, the bountifulness of Mount Makiling is abundant on their version of Chopsuey, which I also enjoyed.

But the two dishes that gained such appreciation from our group was the Ginataan Suso, which may be considered as an exotic dish to some and the Sinugno, Quezon Province's version of Gintaang Grilled Tilapia.

As for the rice, well, all I can remember is one scoop of rice wasn't enough that night. Hahaha!

I ended my amazing and filling gastronomic adventure here in Kamayan sa Palaisdaan with this serving of Halu-Halo - and it was just perfect! How I wish I could do it every single day! 


Good thing that it took us an hour before we reached our hotel in Lucena City - Queen Margareth was our home there in Quezon - because we somehow able to burn some of the food that we took through the humps and bumps that we've gone before finally reaching our place.

It was such a wonderful experience discovering all of these Filipino food that shares not just a story of how bounty our country is, but also stories of passionate and love of us, Filipinos, towards the food that we are sharing to our guests.

Thank you, Kamayan sa Palaisdaan sa Bay! Other than the slow service, it was such a great experience to see your place and to taste some of your wonderful offerings!

I'm sure that I'll be visiting your place again, so for now, happy eating, everyone!


I was able to experience and try Kamayan sa Palaisdaan sa Bay through the Electrolux Philippines' Discover-E campaign. And together with bloggers Enzo Luna of Juan Traveler and Raffy Pedrajita of Pinoy Travel Blog, we indulged on these sumptuous food finds from the beautiful Province of Quezon last May 15-16, 2013

The culmination of this Electrolux Philippines Discover-E campaign will take place this coming Saturday at the NBC Tent through a Food Festival showcasing our very distinct Filipino flavor. So, see you all there!

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