Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Afternoon Snack at Big B, Maginhawa Street

My last stop for the Food Panda Maginhawa Food Crawl speaks nothing but BIG. Big in surprise and big in flavor, Big B offers to us their amazing burger snacks that come in quarter, half and one-pounder size. A food joint that came from a simple idea, Big B is indeed one of the hottest places along Maginhawa Street in Quezon City when you speak of burgers.

This straight-forward, no hanky-panky store has its first store here at #44-B Magiting Street, Teacher's Village, Quezon City, just a stone-throw away from the famous food street of Maginhawa.

Food blogger with the young owners of Big B
(photo by

Big B started as a burger joint inside UP campus a few years back, but when the young owners Joelle Luviengco, Eric Galvis and Pibo Pagadion thought of going serious about it, they leased a space here in Magiting Street and started making the best out of it.

Lunch at Homies, Maginahawa Street

As the Food Panda Maginahawa Food Crawl journey continues, after our colorful visit at Katz Diner and short but sweet peek at Casa Quesadilla, the group pushes through our next destination. And despite of feeling the weight brought about by the first two food joints, there's something about Homies that we could not resist. And yes, we want more rice!

Located at #51-C Magiting Street, U.P. Village, Quezon City, just around Maginhawa Street, Homies, which is famous for its Pinoy Fried Chicken, served our lunch destination for this first-ever Food Panda Maginhawa Food Crawl.

Food blogger with the owner of Homies
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They say this place is famous for college students due to its homey feel and home-cooked meals - and I agree with those kids. Upon arriving at this small but cozy place, I already sensed its inviting ambiance - aside from some jokes and fun they have prepared for their guests - there's something that one would about this place and make him/her eat a lot. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Morning Snack at Casa Quesadilla, Maginhawa Street

A few minutes after we "somehow" digest the amazing all-day breakfast offerings of Katz Diner, our Food Panda Maginhawa Food Crawl group pushed on to our next destination. What I thought would be our "lunch destination" happens to be just our morning snack destination - surprise!

Plastered with yellow, green and red stripes, our morning was made more colorful and festive as we partake the Mexican offerings of Casa Quesadilla at #176 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. Nacho Libre ain't here but they got free Ultimate Nachos here, so yay!

Food blogger with the Filipino owners of Casa Quesadilla
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A perfect spot for some Mexican bingeing, Casa Quesadilla is probably the one of the most affordable Mexican joint that anyone could find around the metro. With Mexican delights such as quesadillas, tacos, burritos, nachos and fries, Casa Quesadilla boasts with some modern yet simple take on Mexican food that anyone could enjoy.

Breakfast at Katz Diner, Maginhawa Street

Last year, I wish to have more time to explore the metropolis' best foodie places, and God is so good hearing my prayers letting me not just to explore but to indulge on the amazing dishes the metro has to offer. Special thank to Food Panda for hosting a super feeling "Food Crawl" at Quezon City's food haven, Maginhawa Street - one of the best that I've been to this year!

It was fine Saturday morning when we had the very first Food Panda Maginhaw Food Crawl. With a number of food bloggers with me, we explored the friendly neighborhood of Maginhawa Street, which is now famous for affordable, delectable and unique dishes.

We were schedule to have breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner that day, but since I have an appointment that night, I got to join the team until the second snack only, nonetheless, I left Maginhawa so full and so happy due to the fun bunch I'm with.

Food Bloggers with the owners of Katz Diner
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For our breakfast, the very first food joint that we got to visit, and one of Food Panda's newest affiliate is this place called Katz Diner.

It's Paris, it's Seoul, it's Le Miel Cafe et Patisserie

It feels like having some unique South Korean desserts in Paris or having those heart-warming Parisian sweets in South Korea - either way, the fusion of these two elegant but lovely cities are too visible in this new patisserie that you could only find at the heart of Greenfield District, the Le Miel Cafe et Patisserie.

An idea brought to life by husband and wife John (Filipino) and Chef Gayeon (Korean), Le Miel offers a fusion of the two loveliest cities in the world over some hot cappuccino and sweet cakes. It's interior that resembles a Korean bakery will welcome everyone with such class but homey feel.

Freshly baked panizza and some bagels and bagets are on display inviting everyone to peak in. Over the counter, there some imported chocolate and teas that you could try while dining in or you could simple buy and take them home.

Monday, December 22, 2014

That Tasty Shade of Brown's

Just when you thought you've been to almost all of the best all-day breakfast restaurants in the metro, here comes an establishment that offers more than it's earthly color. More inviting and more delectable as you could imagine, Greenfield District takes pride of Brown's Restaurant for its themed store that will give their guest a cozy, filling and enjoyable experience that they would love to do over and over again.

Brown's Restaurant is nestled at the very heart of what used to be an old jeepney terminal, The Portal. A place that offers a variety of food shops that you can enjoy and indulge on your visit here at Greenfield District all day. From breakfast, lunch and dinner, they made sure that we'll find the right spot for us to enjoy their lush greenery in the morning and amazing and lovely events at night.

The day I visited Brown's Restaurant, everything looks in place, but one of the owners who was there that time told us that they are still in a soft launch, so he informed us that our order may take some time, but he'll make sure that everything will be delicious and enjoyable.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Persia at the heart of Greenfield District

Who would've thought that an old and rusty jeepney terminal and market could turn into something lush, green and delightful food and events' place ready to in vibe positivism to its guests and passerbys? I didn't. But I'm glad that I finally had a time to see and experience one of the most talked about places in the metro now - the Greenfield District.

Located at the heart of Mandaluyong City, and basically of EDSA, lies this newly renovated spot that speaks of peacefulness in the morning and captivating party spot at night. Greenfield District is the new face of EDSA Central and is currently housing a dozen of new food and beverage establishments that are ready to satiate our cravings and fill our soul with wonderful offerings that will make us come back for more.

It was upon the invitation of the Greenfield District management that I had a chance to visit the whole lot, actually, to see and to try their newly opened food spots, and one of them is this Habib Persian Cuisine

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My First Tokyo Tonteki Bite

It was October of 2013 when this  Japanese restaurant first opened its doors to its Filipino customers. Originally from Shibuya, Japan, Tokyo Tonteki was brought to us by its brainchild Shusasu Namikawa, a Japanese native whose love for tender pork loin steak (tonteki in Japanese) has grown so big that it is set to conquer Asia and the world.

Here in the Philippines, Tokyo Tonteki opened its second store at Greenbelt 5 last October. With the same aim of satisfying its customer through its world-class Japanese dishes, led by its famous Tonteki sets, Tokyo Tonteki is ready to fill one's craving and hunger for Japanese dishes at a very reasonable price.

And without further much ado, let the sharing begin as I take you all to the wonderful but simple and pleasant world of Tokyo Tonteki.

Monday, November 24, 2014

3 Ways to Enjoy a Good Gin

For us Filipinos, every time we heard of the word "gin", it never fails to give us the idea of "tambays" drinking this old-as-time drink, clear as water but hit someone hard as a rock.

My idea of gin was changed when I met Hendrick's brand ambassador, Zachary Connor de Git, over dinner a few days back. Hendrick's Gin brought him here in the Philippines to see what's in our bars and to share his expertise to some spots around the metro. He started sharing his awesome knowledge about gins at Raffles Hotel, Makati, where we had a fun dinner with the usual set of dishes with the unusual set of foodies and gin masters.

It was really a casual dinner, but since Zachary prepared some drinks from everyone - with Hendrick's in it - well, our night turned out to be informative too, which taught us a lot about the brand and how it makes its world-renowned flavor.

Would you believe that Hendrick's is  made of cucumber and rose petal essences? If you've had Hendrick's before, you'll recognize the refreshing taste of it with floral aroma captivating not only your sense of smell but also your sixth sense.

And now, I'm glad to share to everyone these three ways to enjoy your gin - your Hendrick's Gin.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tokyo Joe: A Fusion Made to Last

While everyone is going gaga over some franchised restaurant from other countries, here in Cubao, Quezon City, despite of its imported-sounding name, a new spot just opened and is now ready to offer fairly affordable and delicious Japanese favorites - Tokyo Joe.

Last October 11, I was invited to take part on the opening of this newest place in Cubao that you wouldn't believe started sharing its delectable meals in the Queen City of the South, Cebu. A brand that brought us Rai Rai Ken, Tokyo Joe is now here in Manila and ready to share its amazing selection of Japanese favorites starting with its California Maki, Kani Salad, Ramen, Gyoza and a whole lot more.

Mr. Joey Garcia, President and Owner of Tokyo Joe, welcomed and thanked everyone for coming to the opening of his latest project. He shared that having Tokyo Joe under the Rai Rai Ken umbrella would mean so much to their company as this one caters to every Pinoys craving for delicious and affordable Japanese dishes. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Catch the Justice League at Shakey's!

Feel the superpowers and fun as Shakey's Philippines shares to the world their super amazing and super exciting party package that will sure bring super fun to your kiddos' party, the Justice League Unlimited party package!

Spend the most important day of your kiddo with  his or her favorite DC characters like Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Wonder Woman in this jam-packed party package that spells nothing but super awesome!

This Justice League Unlimited party package includes Shakey's signature dishes, activities, as well as props that will more life and excitement to your party. The only thing that's left is to ask all of your guests to come in their favorite Justice League costume!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Figaro of the North

Whether it is in the South or, in this case, North, there's always something about Figaro Coffee that we'll never get tired of having, right? It's purely Filipino approach to the oldest drink is what makes it more irresistible. And now that it opens it space at Trinoma, there are more reasons to love the brand over and over again. 

Hello there! Welcome to the Figaro of the North!

A few days back, my sister and I spent a relaxing Sunday at the newest kiosk of Figaro in Trinoma, Quezon City. With enough space to serve about a dozen of coffee drinkers, this place served as our nest after our shopping craze in the mall. 

Despite of being newly opened, it was so nice to know that they offer their delicious meals here that are just as good as its looks.

Finding the "Perfect Match"

While some restaurants are busy preparing for their wine pairing sessions, a gastro pub in Bonifacio Global City is making a trend that will make beer drinkers happy. The Perfect Pint, located at the Crossroads, BGC, launches a unique dining experience that shares wonderful dishes that go well with crafted beers - "The Perfect Match."

Forget about sisig, forget about pizza, forget about barbecue. Because here at The Perfect Pint, those are not the dishes that go well with their crafted beer. Actually, none of those traditional Filipino favorites could be encountered in this amazing and filling adventure made possible by the metro's budding chefs, brewmasters and food editors.

Band of Brewmasters

Four dishes and four different crafted beers prepared by the talented chefs, brewmasters and food editors, all worth of an hour or two of dining experience and some Php599.00, The Perfect Pint's The Perfect Match started last October 20 and will last until November 13, with different battle themes every week.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Unbelievable Project Pie Experience

"If I were you, I'll have half of Number 1 and half of Number 2."

Number 1 and Number 2 Pizza

When I asked him what a first-timer like me should have from Project Pie, these are the words that came from the man who is behind all of these pizza building experiences that we are having now right here in Manila, Mr. James Markham.

We may always get the food that we want, we may always have that perfect seat where we can enjoy these food, but it is not everyday that you'll run into the restaurant's owner, chat with him and give you great advises on how to enjoy the meals that he created for everyone.

This is my unbelievable Project Pie experience!

Monday, October 20, 2014

foodpanda: Changing the Game of Food Delivery in the Philippines

With the tremendous amount that each of us has to spend in travelling around the city, it is no wonder more and more companies, specifically food establishments, are gearing towards offering the same kind of experience in their food delivery system or better yet towards the improvement of their delivery system. 

And now, aside from phone calls, with the rampant of mobile devices - smart phones and tablets - foodpanda, a leading global online food delivery marketplace, is about to dominate the key cities in the country by providing convenience, good value to our money, and of course the wonderful dishes that we love to have any time of the day.

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Taste of the Highlands

There are days that we are just too lazy to go out, too lazy to cook food and to some extent too lazy to take a bath - well, I've been there and done that. But recently, due to rains and flooded areas, I got too lazy to get some decent food again, so instead of going out, I cooked myself some comfort food through the help of Highlands Premium Corned Beef.

Rain is really killing my social life. When you least expect it, the rain is so unstoppable that we don't have a choice but to stay at home and bore ourselves to death. Gladly, this time, my love for food kicked in that I picked up my ass and started whipping some nice comfort food for me and for my family.

When Highlands Corned Beef entered the Philippine market a few years ago, I know that they'll have a hard time penetrating the market. With some other brands that have been there and proven their quality, Highlands has some challenges to face, sadly for those other brands, Highland has this unique flavor and style that are just captivating and comforting at the same time.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

11 Dishes you must try at Maginhawa St., QC Food Festival

Gaining popularity for offering affordable yet excellent and homey meals to the peaceful and quite villages of U.P., Sikatuna and the likes, Maginahawa Street in Quezon City prepared something more exciting for everyone as its city celebrates its 75th Jubilee Anniversary this October 11.

Known for its great line-up of hole-in-the-wall food stations, Maginhawa is gearing up towards more unique and almost out-of-this-world food ideas that are sure to catch more attention and gather more foodies especially this coming weekend.

I had a wonderful time experiencing different food stalls in the area last weekend - finally! - from a simple "carenderia" type of place to the chic and modern kind to the artsy fartsy spot - Maginhawa Street is indeed a food haven everyone should visit and experience. It is through this activity that I realized how lucky these individuals, families and friends living around the area are - everything is simply amazing and irresistible!

Friday, October 3, 2014

A Dozen of Goodness at Twelve Cupcakes, SM Mall of Asia

Simple, fluffy and fresh - nothing too fancy, nor too sweet and these are the things that I love about Twelve Cupcakes. And if you think you only have twelve flavors to choose from, well, be happy because there are more!

Originally from Singapore, and founded by Singapore celebrity couple Daniel and Jaime Teo, Twelve Cupcakes opened its door in July of 2011 at United Square, Singapore. Since then, the handmade goodies of the power couple of Singapore has established 12 outlets in shopping malls across their country, and over 3 million Twelve Cupcakes' cupcakes have been sold.

Here in the Philippines, Twelve Cupcakes' cupcakes are now available in four malls namely SM City BF in Paranaque, Century City Mall in Makati, Lucky Chinatown Mall in Manila and SM Mall of Asia in Pasay.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Afternoon Indulgence at The Shrimp Shack

Shrimp lovers, here's a place where you can indulge and forget how expensive it is to try and enjoy shrimp dishes. No frills, no gimmick, just pure shrimp-y goodness that will sure fill you up while keeping you pocket safe and sound - The Shrimp Shack!

Garlic Shrimp Scampi - Php245.00

With stores at Market! Market!, Taguig, SM Mall of Asia and Robinson's Place Manila, Shrimp Shack is another concept from the team that brought us The Old Spaghetti House. Boasting with bright, summer-y and beach-like ambiance, Shrimp Shack is contrary to the conservative and rusty ambiance of The Old Spaghetti House.

On my first ever visit at their store in Market! Market!, Taguig, despite of the limited space, this new restaurant is oozing with goodness starting off with their appetizers that are just perfect for sharing. The Tomato-Cheese Fondue with Nachos spells comfort food for me. The inviting aroma and the balance sweet and salty flavor of the fondue makes this dish as good starter.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Night with Murray and D'Vine

I seldom have a night-out with my friends lately but when I do I make sure that it is memorable - like this one. And when I and my friends meet, we make sure that aside from juicy stories, our night is also filled with delicious food and soothing cocktails - like these from Murray and D'Vine of Serendra.

Imported Baby Back Ribs - Php465.00 (half)

Located at the very heart of Serendra in Bonifacio Global City, which is basically known for its classy residential buildings, Murray and D'Vine is famous for its pub-like bar mostly visited by expats. Offering local and imported beer and wine, this place takes pride on its delicious meals that are made fit for drinking beer or wine.

Classic Onion Rings - Php165.00

The place may be a bit intimidating, but once you see their menu, I bet that you'll find how cozy and inviting this place to ordinary guests. From their Pica-Pica selections to their sliders and best sellers that are sure to fill one up, I find the prices reasonable too given Murray and D'Vine is a bar-like place.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Melting with the La Piadina's Heart & Soul

When speaking of delicious and affordable "Food Court" food, I bet mall rats would have La Piadina on top of their lists. With its heartwarming and almost authentic Italian look and flavor, Filipino's love for Italian food was hyped up even more when Chef Giorgio Matera, La Piadina's heart and soul - opened its first store at the food court of Glorietta in Ayala Center, Makati City.

T'was 12 years ago when our favorite Italian dishes were launched in a hole-in-a-wall concept at Glorietta's food court, Food Choices. Featuring new and exciting menu from four select regions in Italy - Puglia, Emilia Romagna, Piemonte and Toscana - La Piadina's Chef Giorgio shares his greatness in cooking Italian dishes together with his wife, who by the way love our country so much.

Fueled by his passion for Italian food, he took the challenge of venturing into the fast food business, believing that food whether expensive or inexpensive, fine, casual or fast food must always be fresh and of the best quality.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Getting Chocolate-y Crazy with Valor Chocolates

When you've got nothing to do on a weekend and got no one to talk to, you cook a delicious and comforting food that will make you calm, happy and contented - that's what happened to me last weekend. And since everyone was so busy last weekend, got no siblings to fight with and got no friends to hangout with, I ended up cooking a pancake at home and used the Valor Hazelnut Choco Spread that was given to me, while enjoying the bars of Valor Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Mousse with Truffle on the side.

To most of us, Valor Chocolates may not be that new, but to some who don't know yet, Valor Chocolates originated from Spain, and created by Valeriano Lopez Lloret. Defined by a passion to produce the best chocolate, Lloret together with his family of master chocolatiers, set up factory in 1881, and since then, five generations have been at the helm of Valor Chocolates and have managed to transform the brand into an international standard.

The milk is actually an eye-catcher. With its golden packaging and really top-of-the-line appeal to everyone, I wasn't surprised that my nieces loved it! But since I'm a heavy chocolate eater, someone who prefers something that will challenge my palette, the Dark Chocolate Mousse with Truffle was mine - all mine.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The SM Mall of Asia's International Food Fest

September is the start of Christmas Season here in the Philippines, and since this joyful season is all about fun, family and food, SM Mall of Asia is about to unfold an exciting gastronomic event that will not just share the best of the best, but rather take everyone on a world tour with their SM Mall of Asia's International Food Fest.

Strawberry Balsamico Nigiri (Vikings)

From international concerts, to international pyromusical and now to international food fest, this whole month of September, all participating food establishments in SM Mall of Asia will be sharing specially prepared dishes enough to give a gastronomic tour around the globe. The SM Mall of Asia's International Food Fest includes an exciting lineup of activities that will sure to whet one's appetite for great food discoveries, awesome prizes, and special treats!

Chicken with Lime an Chili Sausage, Roasted Red Pepper and Sausage Calzone (Vikings),
Big Better Bangus (Congo Grille), and TMNT Doughnuts (Krispy Kreme)
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