Friday, September 5, 2014

Getting Chocolate-y Crazy with Valor Chocolates

When you've got nothing to do on a weekend and got no one to talk to, you cook a delicious and comforting food that will make you calm, happy and contented - that's what happened to me last weekend. And since everyone was so busy last weekend, got no siblings to fight with and got no friends to hangout with, I ended up cooking a pancake at home and used the Valor Hazelnut Choco Spread that was given to me, while enjoying the bars of Valor Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Mousse with Truffle on the side.

To most of us, Valor Chocolates may not be that new, but to some who don't know yet, Valor Chocolates originated from Spain, and created by Valeriano Lopez Lloret. Defined by a passion to produce the best chocolate, Lloret together with his family of master chocolatiers, set up factory in 1881, and since then, five generations have been at the helm of Valor Chocolates and have managed to transform the brand into an international standard.

The milk is actually an eye-catcher. With its golden packaging and really top-of-the-line appeal to everyone, I wasn't surprised that my nieces loved it! But since I'm a heavy chocolate eater, someone who prefers something that will challenge my palette, the Dark Chocolate Mousse with Truffle was mine - all mine.

And true enough, I loved it and enjoyed down to its last square. But my weekend isn't all about the two bars, its about the bottle of Valor Hazelnut that melted my heart and  covered my pancakes with so much love!

While thousands or probably millions are into pancakes and jams, I, for one, love experimenting on my food to give it a different twist and whole new flavor. There are days that I fail, but there are times that I succeed. And this day is one of those successful ones. Just look at the picture to know more! Haha!

Valor chocolate experts select their cacao beans from three of the world’s finest sources: Ghana for the Forastero variety, an intense cacao that gives depth to flavor; Ecuador for the Guayaquil variety, one of the most aromatic; and Panama for the Trinitario variety that gives a fruity note to the intense aromatic flavor. 

While you are salivating there, do you know that their spirit of innovation continues to this day. Just recently, they launched their latest sugar-free products which are now sweetened with stevia, a natural sweetener derived from a plant originating in South America that is 15 times sweeter than sugar but with zero glycemic index. 

Valor Chocolates are available in Premium chocolate bars, Sugar Free plain chocolates - Dark, 70%Dark, Milk; Sugar Free chocolates with nuts - Whole Marcona Almonds and Whole Hazelnuts; Creamy sugar free chocolate mousse; and more.

And you can get you serving of Valor chocolates at all leading supermarkets, department stores, drugstores and other retailers nationwide. For more information, feel free to visit and follow Valor’s Official Facebook Fanpage.

Happy eating!

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