Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fish-Love at Fishman!

I'm really a meat person, but when a delicious fish dish is served to me, I try it and as much as possible is I try to appreciate it. I believe that one of the hardest main ingredient to cook is fish, and if I like a fish dish from a restaurant, I considered that place a great spot to eat.

And a few weeks ago, as I join my friends to try this new place in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Fishman, I was welcomed by a summery vibe that made me excited and ticklish, because just thinking how summer never fails to excite the beach person in me, oh, I'm so excited too to try Fishman's offerings!

If you are thinking that this place is some fancy restaurant, you are wrong! With a fast food appeal, which has a huge impact and appealing approach to Filipinos, Fishman opens its first doors in Bonifacio Global City just a few months ago. With nothing but fish, fish and fish - and some seafood too - on their menu, one can indulge to an amazing array of fish-cooking style and flavor that comes in a very affordable price! Fast food, I told you! :-)

Drinks here at Fishman comes into this small fishbowl type, which to some may look unusual, but for me, I find it really cute! They offer here bottomless sodas and iced teas, but if you wanna try some house specialty, I suggest that you have their Red Sea Iced Tea or the Blue Ocean Iced Tea. Beers are also offered here, I'm just not that sure if it has time availability. :-)

Monday, January 28, 2013

I love everything from WangFu!

I'm sure that Singaporean dish lovers in and around the metropolis have already been indulging to the sumptuous dishes prepared by WangFu Chinese Cafe in Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato, Quezon City. And I honestly cannot blame them because when I got to try their amazing array of offerings, I can't say not to them at all, plainly because they all of them are oh, so good!

Despite of my drive to keep myself away from the delicious food around the metro, I gave it up a few weeks ago to the delightful and very inviting appeal of one of the most favorite Chinese/Singaporean restaurants in Quezon City - the WangFu Chinese Cafe. Combining the concept of traditional Singaporean Hawker Center and Hongkong Tea House, WangFu serves most of the well-loved Singaporean and Cantonese comfort food in a very Pinoy way - something that is so hard to resist, really.

Bringing in to the Philippines a chef who hails from China, WangFu promises a full menu of authentic Chinese and Singaporean cuisines suit to fill every Pinoy's cravings. From appetizers down to their colorful and festive dessert, one will get at home with their wonderful mix of flavors and style.

For starter, Chinese and Singaporean dishes are high on sauces and dips, so if in case you order something that you think will be better to have some soy sauce, chili sauce or ginger sauce, don't hesitate to ask. The servers here are really nice and friendly, so don't be shy. They are more willing to serve you and have you enjoy their dishes.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Marciano's - More than just a Pizza Parlor

I guess once you experienced this place, you will agree to me when I say that this the most sophisticated pizza place here in the metro. With an ambiance fit for sophisticated style and palette, Marciano's Pizza Pasta Steak in Greenbelt 3 offers not just a wide array of Italian and American dishes suit for the ever-demanding taste of Filipinos, but it also shares a one wonderful "New Yorker" experience that is hard to forget.

A few days before Christmas, just before we indulge to a sumptuous feast prepared by our family, I was invited to join two of the metro's best writers to dine in this blooming name in the food industry. With a name that depicts nothing but Italian, Marciano's is one of the many restaurants owned by the 2012 MVP Bossing awardee, 2012 Young Entrepreneur of the Year and 2012 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Mr. Marvin Agustin.

Creating a new concept out from his greatly Asian-inspired restaurants like John and Yoko, Marciano's on the other hand offers a Western experience that is just hard to resist. And that day, we indulge to a luncheon of pizza and pasta with matching some chicken and shrimp with fries that fill our tummy and let it feel the festivity brought by the Holidays.

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