Thursday, January 24, 2013

Marciano's - More than just a Pizza Parlor

I guess once you experienced this place, you will agree to me when I say that this the most sophisticated pizza place here in the metro. With an ambiance fit for sophisticated style and palette, Marciano's Pizza Pasta Steak in Greenbelt 3 offers not just a wide array of Italian and American dishes suit for the ever-demanding taste of Filipinos, but it also shares a one wonderful "New Yorker" experience that is hard to forget.

A few days before Christmas, just before we indulge to a sumptuous feast prepared by our family, I was invited to join two of the metro's best writers to dine in this blooming name in the food industry. With a name that depicts nothing but Italian, Marciano's is one of the many restaurants owned by the 2012 MVP Bossing awardee, 2012 Young Entrepreneur of the Year and 2012 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Mr. Marvin Agustin.

Creating a new concept out from his greatly Asian-inspired restaurants like John and Yoko, Marciano's on the other hand offers a Western experience that is just hard to resist. And that day, we indulge to a luncheon of pizza and pasta with matching some chicken and shrimp with fries that fill our tummy and let it feel the festivity brought by the Holidays.

Upon entering at this place, you will be welcomed by a sincere and really classy ambiance that embraces a really sophisticated world - like one of those fancy restos in Manhattan New York, which in this case, I think made specifically to its Greenbelt market. With chairs as comfy as the the black walls that gives this "so-private" appeal, Marciano's is a certainly a unique pizza place that shares some more delectable offering.

For starter, I had this luscious Mango Smoothie, a flavor that I've been longing to taste since the Holidays started. I was kinda used to having some sweets before I start my meal, and this Mango Smoothies just gave me a perfect taste balancer that I enjoyed that day.

Mango Smoothie

That Mango Smoothie was immediately followed by a baster of fish, prawns and fries that is just so perfect to start my "chismisan" with my two friends. The fries and fish were expectantly normal tasting, while the prawn sets our palette to a good mood and craving.

Bleecker Fish and Prawns - Php338.00

The pizza that we had that day was really good. The serving size and prize were quite surprising despite the fact that Marciano's in Greenbelt 3 - and again, it was o delicious! Thin crust, guys! Attack!

Bendel's Margherita - Php308.00

For our pasta dish, we tried a quite an ordinary sounding bolognese, but taste was as superb as the pizza that we first had. Though this one has a small serving, with the it huge impact on my tummy, I guess, I wouldn't mind spending like that again.

Trump Meat and Mushroom Bolognese - Php289.00

A break from the trend, though I know that I should be sharing you here a steak, that lunch we prefer having some roast chicken instead. The tenderness of the meat completes well with the rice that I asked to add, but is pasta is enough carbo-load for you, well, trying this one dish alone, with the gravy that comes with it is not at all.

Roast Chicken (half) - Php329.00

And to cap our day in this amazing place, we ended it with a bang. And "with a bang" I mean ice cream, chocolates and fruits! Now, who say, indulgence can't be healthy? Hahaha! Just kidding. In this dessert, which is actually good enough for three, you'll certainly have the best of both worlds. Though a little pricey, I guess you won't want to end a great meal with some dessert, right? And here in Marciano's you'll never have that lame ending, because with desserts as good as this, dining is made more fun in Greenbelt, Philippines!

Best of Both Worlds - Fruit and Choco Mix - Php368.00

Thank you for the amazing and Yuletide treat, Marciano's! I can't wait to visit again and try the other offerings that caught my attention like the burgers, steaks ans salad!

Oh, yeah, to read again those New York-ish names on you menu! I love it!!!

Marciano's Pizza Pasta Steaks is at the 2nd Floor of  Greenbelt 3, Esperanza St., Ayala Center, Makati. You may call (02) 729-0467 to inquiry and reservation.

Happy eating, everyone!

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