Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Food Trucks and More at Cucina Andare!

Imagine all the Autobots and Decepticons join forces in one night to give the best of the best foods that you'll ever have while on the road. It was, I guess, the idea behind the hippest and newest attraction in Makati City now, because with Cucina Andare's food trucks ready to fill every hungry tummy in town, I'm sure you are ready to fight and conquer the delicious and most appetizing treats of Cucina Andare!

Few days before Christmas, Mercato Centrale's Anton Diaz and RJ Ledesma opened up another food venue masterpiece that is sure to bring delight to every food lover in town. With food trucks all over the place, this is one concept that is set to rev up your appetite in its most amazing way.

I was there on its opening night, and despite the fact that the place was a little crowded, it was so nice to know that there were really a lot of great choices therea- actually all of them were great! And albeit the seats and tables were limited too, since the people here just come, eat and go a little fast than expected, we had a great time dining and enjoying what this place has to offer.

For some sure-fire tummy fillers, expect a wide array of choice for burgers, shawarmas and hotdog sandwiches. I had loads of them that night, trying which one is really the best, and I think Chicken+Waffle Haus presented a really unique and delicious offering. How could you not love waffles, right? Hahaha!

Casa Goñi

Hungry Rover

Top Dog Gourmet Sausage

Schmidt's International Gourmet Hotdogs


Brothers Burger

Q Kebab

Chicken+Waffle Haus

Shawarma Brothers

For those who are on a little hurry but still wanna get a taste of this amazing foodie site, there are three things I want you too keep in mind, crispy belly,  B.wings and Taclings! All of these will give the crunch that you need that goes along your busy, crazy life. Just don't blame us if you step back and stayed here for a while after having your first bite, okay? Hihihi.

Carlo's Kitchen



For those who want some sort of home-cooked meals, well, I found this one stall that offers such food, I just forgot the name of the stall, but I will let you guys know when I went there again. Zorreeee! :-) But let me tell you this, those Fried Pigeons and Imported Chorizo Macau looks really intriguing to me.


For drinks, well, a break from the traditional soda and iced teas that Mercato Centrale is offering, I found out last time that the drinks made by Bundaberg were really, really good! And for only Php65.00 per bottle, you can have a refreshing night suit to ready your appetite for some more beer drinking session with your family or friends!


But if you opt to end your night here at Cucina Andare in its sweetest possible way, well, two names made my first night of visiting here really sweet - Cakes by K and Dippin Dots!

Cakes by K

Dippin Dots

If these descriptions and food photo's made you drool over your computers, well, I guess it's time for you to sked your visit on this revving food spot in town! Cucina Andare is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4:00pm to 3:00am starting December 14.

You can also get more info at their Facebook fan page Cunina Andare or follow them on Twitter @CucinaAndare.

See you there! 

Happy eating, everyone!

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