Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mongolian Wednesday at Q Bistro

What better way to celebrate the midweek than to have a plate full of goodies that are sure to heat your cold and clenching slave stomach in a real classy yet comfortable place that offers the most affordable kind. Hey, Q Bistro in Ortigas is offering a Mongolian Buffet for Php295.00 only!

It's Wednesday tomorrow, and just like Q Bistro's tradition, Wednesday is the day for Mongolian Buffet. Offering pork, beef, chicken and fish - yes, they have fish here instead of seafood - Q Bistro's Mongolian Buffet every Wednesday is a feast every visitor of Ortigas Business District must experience!

Available from 11 in the morning til 2 in the afternoon, this Mongolian Buffet was my sunshine last Wednesday when I visited the highly urbanized Ortigas District. This is my first time to try a Mongolian buffet in the metro, so I'm not really expecting that much.

The spread of selection for Q Bistro's Mongolian Buffet wasn't that huge as expected, since I've been to the place before and I already saw how cute the place is. There were just about a dozen of vegetable spread there, a bunch of seasonings and spices, rice, noodle and three bowls of their very own Mongolian sauces, ranging from sweet, spicy and in between.

The meat are not present on the table, they are in the kitchen according to the lady that assisted me, so you just need to pick the dry ingredients, then all you have to do is add some of those spices and sauce, and voila, you are done! If you are afraid that your dish might taste eewy, the lady who assisted me told me that the chef inside will adjust the taste for me, so nothing to really worry about.

She also suggested that to make sure that my meal will taste great, I should have the Mongolian Sauce, which is best sauce concoction of Chef Mia Katigbak head chef and owner of Q Bistro. And so, without further ado, with rice, some veggies, chili sauce and about 3 scoops of Mongolian Sauce, I gave my cup to the assisting lady and in return, she gave me a number.

But before she take my order to the kitchen, she asked me first what do I want for my meal, and I said fish, since it my first time to experience a Mongolian meal with fish in it.

It took some 5 to 7 minutes til my order came back to me. It was really hot, and I honestly can't wait to have a taste of it. After receiving my bowl, the waiter asked me again if I wanna add some crunchies on my meal, and as I look at the other bowl he was carrying, I saw some crashed chicharon - and because I love chicharon, I said yes, of course! If I can remember it right, he placed 2 tablespoons of it on my meal. Sweet!

The Judgement

As I opened by bowls cover, I'm glad that my meal smelled really inviting. Though the ingredients weren't that visible since the thick Mongolian Sauce was covered the whole of it, it made me excited to dig in because, again, it smelled good.

I placed my spoon deep into my bowl that day, and upon feeling how thick the bottom is, I already know that this bowl will definitely fill me. The amount of the fish meat in my bowl was quite good too, so before everything turns cold, I already scooped my first bite.

Surprisingly, it was like I didn't do the mixing and matching. Everything blends well and the taste was just perfect! It was a little spicy, maybe because I added too much chili sauce, but for the sweetness and saltiness of the whole dish, for me, it was really balanced. Thanks to Chef Mia's Mongolian Sauce, it was perfectly prepared.

As expected, after that bowl, I feel so bloated. I would want to try a noodle dish, but I'm reserving some space for the dessert, which I knew will the best part of this meal.

So after that healthy meal, since my stomach can only afford a small portion of dessert, I had their super, duper, over, mega delicious Toblerone Cheesecake! Need to say more? I LOVE IT!

Toblerone Cheesecake - Php225.00

So far, after my two visit here, their dessert is still the best part of it all, and I can't wait to go back here to try the other offerings.

Thanks, Q Bistro, for this amazing lunch again! 
I will never get tired visiting you, promise! Hehehe.

Happy eating everyone!

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