Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More of East Asian Cuisine from Hong Kong Roast Jupiter!

It's been a year now since I first indulged to the wonderful Hong Kong flavor brought to us by business woman Mary Chan. Her dishes and Hong Kong Roast Food Express' menu was inspired by her travels and gustatory adventures abroad providing a pocket of sincere, casual Chinese dining in the middle of busy, impersonal Makati

Hong Kong Roast started out as a side business for Mary Chan, but after the raves from her really delicious offerings, Hong Kong Roast is happy to announce that they are branching out now to make more hungry Filipino happy.

And few weeks ago, I had my first dining experience at their re-opened store in Jupiter Street, in Makati City. Specifically located at the corner of Jupiter and Galaxy Streets, Hong Kong Roast Food Express offers a classy yet homey Chinese dining experience that will delight every hard-working employee in this side of town.

The offerings on the menu are simple and straight to the point. No pretensions and no fancy presentations. From the dumplings, to rice dishes, noodles, down to exquisitely looking Chinese viands and down to their fulfilling desserts, HKR Food Express made sure that there's everything for every craving at a very affordable price.

Siomai - Php80.00

West Lake Soup - Php178.00 (Light Serving)

The Salted Baked Chicken is an easy favorite. Baked under a blanket of rock salt, the dish is in fact a gentler, simpler version of chicken, with only a slight tang of saltiness lingering in its meat despite its name. Another simple light dish to try is their Celery Fish. With its thick sauce and fresh bits of celery, the textures of crunch and softness immersed in the fullness of the sauce complement each other beautifully.

Salted Baked Chicken - Php310.00 (half serving)

Celery Fish Fillet - Php185.00

But if you want something that's just light but still oozing with the luscious Hong Kong flavor, the Birthday Noodles, which is available for you even if it not yet you birthday, is enough to make one happy. For some veggie love, there the Spinach with Treasure Egg that comes in this thick sauce.

Birthday Noodles - Php240.00 (Heavy Serving)

Spinach with Treasure Egg - Php160.00

Some of the meatier dish, the Barbeque Roast Pork bears a distinct Chinese flavor. The sauce made from the drippings of the Barbeque Roast Pork definitely adds richness to the tender pork slices - a perfect partner to their lively Yang Chao Fried Rice.

Barbecue Roast Pork - Php180.00

Yang Chow Rice - Php110.00

And to finally end this East Asian tour the sweetest way, well, for me, nothing beats their French Toast! Oh, I really love this one! :-)

French Toast - Php65.00

Hong Kong Roast Food Express is open from 10 in the morning til late at night. During Fridays, they host local bands to play acoustic, which is a perfect way to welcome the coming weekend. Now, there are no more excuses to appreciate the rich cuisine we have inherited from our East Asian neighbors. 

For reservation or inquiries, you can call them at (02) 511-1300.

Happy eating, everyone!

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