Monday, November 12, 2012

My First Hop to Kangaroo Jack

It was at SM North EDSA when I first saw this store named Kangaroo Jack actually, and though I wasn't able to try it then, I'm glad that my first enjoyable dinner from this place took place at SM City Baguio, where the ambiance is definitely relaxing and eating delicious food is a must-do - every hour! Hahaha!

Kangaroo Jack is the latest addition to the growing casual dining place in SM City Baguio. Located at the veranda on the left side of the mall, leading to Starbucks, Kangaroo Jack just opened a few months ago offering mostly American dishes ready to heat up and fill your tummies one dish at a time.

When we visited Kangaroo Jack few weeks back, we were 8 in our group. And since most of us were first-timers, and we really don't wanna spend so much time in choosing which one is the best, we just asked the staff which is the best for us that they can offer. Platters was the first thing that came out of their mouth, and so, without further ado, we ordered it.

My blogger friend Azrael 
wowed over Kangaroo Jack's Platter

A plateful of Kangaroo Jack's best of the bests - their platters are mostly consisted of their delectable steak, grilled and sizzlers that sure to hit the right spot on your hungry tummy! The moment we saw how big the plate is and how it can really fill the tummies of 4 people, I'm sure that this is gonna be a hit to our group. So, we decided to have to two of them for us 8. Hehe.

Steak and Ribs Platter - Php695.00

Seafood Platter - Php595.00

Though, I must say that eating seafood in Baguio City was kinda unusual to most of us, this Seafood Platter is perfect for those who want a break from the usual fresh vegetables. The sweet salty taste of each piece complements well to java rice and potato salad that goes with it.

But still, I think, the Steak and Ribs Platter closed the deal and convinced me to try  this place again sooner - only, here in SM North EDSA. ^_^

With that price, serving size and ambiance that is so homey, my first hop to Kangaroo Jack will surely be followed!

Thank you, Kangaroo Jack!
Til my next hop!
Happy eating everyone!

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