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Lucban, Quezon: Dealo Koffee Klatch

If you thought that Lucban, Quezon is all about Pahiyas Festival, Lucban Longganisa, Pancit Habhab or even the colorful kiping, you are missing a lot from this humble town. Because if you haven't met the Queen Baker of Lucban and her delectable Jardinera and Yema Cake, well, you are missing a lot and I think you should start considering to a pay to visit to one of Lucban's oldest bakeshop - Koffee Klatch.

Located just a few steps from Lucban Church, Koffee Klatch is housed in the one and only neo-classical structure in whole of Lucban, Quezon. Formerly known as La Casa De Dona Ana, owned by husband and wife Pedro Nepomuceno and Ana Maria Herrera, this building is considered one of the historical spots in the town of Lucban. Served as an orphanage during the World War II, the ownership of the house was transferred to husband and wife Marcelo Dealo and Eduviges Veloso after they bought it, and then passed on to their daughter Milada Dealo-Valde, who is behind the famous bakeshop.

We were lucky that when we visited the place, Mrs. Milada Dealo-Valde or Mommy Milada was there estimating their guests and clients. A simple yet very accommodating woman, Mommy Milada offered not only her food to us but as well as their town's and family's colorful stories that we find really humbling and sweet.

with Mommy Milada

She shared to us that her bakeshop, Koffee Klatch, started its business operation on the last part of the '60s. A small bakeshop who started to gain attention from its neighboring towns because of its famous Yema Cake, Mommy Milada said that she herself didn't expect that her business would go this big. Though, she admitted that she has no plans of really going after the other famous bakeshops like Goldilocks and Red Ribbon, Koffee Klatch is happy enough to serve people of Quezon with their home-made baked goodies that have been the bakeshop staple for decades now.

On our visit there, which is my first too, we just didn't taste their baked goodies, but instead, we indulged in to their home-cooked offerings, which is basically meals inspired by the town of Lucban and Dealo Family.

That day, what they are offering for the guests of Pahiyas Festival is a buffet lunch at the second level of the establishment. There were about 8-9 dishes on the buffet spread, but since we were on a food trip and I don't wanna get so full on our first stop, I just tried some of the dishes that I find pleasing to my eyes.

For starter, I had this festive looking salad and of course, that one dish you must have when you ar ein Lucban, the Pancit Habhab.


Pancit Habhab

Eating Pancit Habhab with a spoon and fork is really a kill joy, so I didn't actually enjoyed it despite of its delicious taste. How I wish they served it the traditional way. ^_^

As for the main course, Koffee Klatch takes pride on their Kaldereta and Jardinera, which is said to be former President Manuel L. Quezon's favorites. Unfortunately, the Kalderata wasn't part of the buffet spread, so instead we just settled on this equally delicious Morcon and Kinulob na Baka, and the famous Jardinera.



Kinulob na Baka

Delicious is an understatement to all of these. Mommy Milada shared to us that if she has any secret to her cooking style that would simply the ingredients she is using now are still the same as to what she used way back when she was just starting her business. She boasted that it doesn't matter if sometimes the profit she gets doesn't equate to the hard work as long as they don't sacrifice the quality of their products - she believes that that's the most important thing to food business.

I didn't go for a second round because I wanna make sure that I have a lot of space for the dessert, which is mainly composed of their decadent cakes like the Yema and the Chocolate Cake.

Yema Cake

Chocolate Cake

No wonder even people from Lucena love this small bakeshop here in Lucban, the Yema Cake was indeed heavenly. It wasn't that too sweet and the chiffon was just perfect. Mommy Milada told us that the people from Quezon preferred that their food to be simple but has a strong impact on their palette. The humble town of Lucban, being on the foot of Mt. Makiling is rich in goodness and is reflected on their food.

Aside from the cakes, other goodies that I enjoyed from this joint are their bread and cookies that bring back that wonderful childhood I had. Again, this is my first time here, my first time to try these food too, but there's really something about Koffee Klatch's offerings that are so homey and comforting that anyone could enjoy.



When we asked her if she has any plans of having a store in Manila, she strongly said no. She just want her business to flourish in their province and having herself alone in their family who has an interest in baking, it would be very hard for her to manage her business anymore, she added.

But did you know what makes me love Koffe Klatch more? It was when Mommy Milada shared to us that all of her staff didn't finish their studies - and she meant all of them, really. She opted to hire people who weren't able to finish their school because just like what her dad said to her, the small business like theirs are the only companies who will hire these people. According to her, it is not bad to be a farmer either a fishermen, but since they know that the income that any family could get from those jobs is not enough to really make a living, having a bakeshop where people can also work is a good option for them to make a living and to somehow help them to have a good life.

All along we will just a full stomach, but instead we left Dealo Koffee Klatch with an open mind and happy heart. It was such a memorable dining experience that I will never forget. And how I wish that all businessman are like Mommy Milada - a woman who's love for her town is shown to the quality of her products!

I will definitely pay a visit again to Dealo Koffee Klatch when I visit Lucban, Quezon for I know that more than their sweet offerings, their kind-hearted people are gonna be there happy to serve all their guests!

Thank you, Dealo Koffee Klatch! Thank you Mommy Milada!
You are your town's gem!

Happy eating, everyone!


I was able to experience and try Dealo Koffee Klatch through the Electrolux Philippines' Discover-E campaign. And together with bloggers Enzo Luna of Juan Traveler and Raffy Pedrajita of Pinoy Travel Blog, we indulged to the sumptuous food finds from the beautiful Province of Quezon last May 15-16, 2013

The culmination of this Electrolux Philippines Discover-E campaign will take place this coming Saturday at the NBC Tent through a Food Festival showcasing our very distinct Filipino flavor. See you all there!


  1. hi there, i am a student of pamantasan ng lungsod ng Marikina, i saw your blog and it was great. i just want to know if you have the address or contact number of Dealo Koffee Klatch."

    1. Hi! Addess is 88 quezon ave., 4301 Lucena City. They have Facebook too, :-)


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