Friday, May 11, 2012

A Dive at Aklan's Bagobos Resto Grill

Being stuck in an airport due to crappy airport schedule is one of the ugliest things that could happen to a backpacker-slash-budget traveler like me. But thank goodness, when that happened, I was here here in Kalibo, one of the world's best provinces, where the people are so nice and the airport, despite of being low class, is surrounded by promising restaurants.

Seeing and exploring this province is probably one of the best experiences I had in my life. With me, myself and I seeing and capturing all of those beauties, I can't help but to fall in love with this province and makes it as my second home in the country.

But those experiences were clouded when my airplane bound back to Manila was 4-hours late. I didn't have much food when I started my one-day journey here, so by the time I reached the Kalibo International Airport, I'm really starving and could really eat a horse. At first I just wanna go home, since I'm also craving for some home-cooked meal, but 4 hours is 4 hours, so I decided to do some researching and asking til I found this place that was said to be the best and nearest foodie spot around the airport - the Bagobos Resto Grill.

At first glance, you will consider the place as a typical eatery. But when I stepped in and find how homey and so Pinoy this whole place, I didn't think twice anymore. I'm really hungry, so I took a seat immediately and have myself settled.
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